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where to buy cold hardy avocado trees in northern Ca?

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I've looked all over online and am having a hard time finding any nursery or person who sells cold hardy avos for a reasonable price. I found one that sells both Lila and Joey, but they're on bacon rootstocks which doesn't sound viable in my area. I'm in a coastal zone 8b.

You could try Epicenter

Thanks Aaronn, I did. They don't have any cold hardy ones except Bonny Doon, which I was curious about because I lived in Bonny Doon once. Another poster on here said it never really frosted hard where the tree was. ?? Maybe it's very near buildings ?? So not sure about that one.

Bonny Soon mother tree is near Safeway on Mission Street so right by the Ocean an not more cold tolerant.

Bacon is a fine rootstock for you.

I think those are Florida Avocado's, Plant some Cold hardy Mexican varieties , plenty of searchable info on this site for which kinds,

Bush2Beach, I think that's where Epicenter nursery is. The original mother tree, where they got their mother, is supposed to be up in Bonny Doon. But it may be near a building..

I'm a warmer 8 so yes, I'm limited to Mexican varieties. BD might not be cold hardy enough. I was really interested in it because I used to live up there a long time ago. But, not really practical for me unless I graft it and then just heat the one branch or something, lol. Not practical..

I'm having a hard time finding nurseries that carry smaller Mexican varieties like Fantastic, Joey, Lila etc.

Most of the Texas nurseries will not ship to California. I'd rather travel to SC or Sac to pick one up anyway.

Bacon won't work here as a root stock- not hardy enough. But Mexican varieties are used as root stocks anyway. I'm probably better off with a rooted cutting. I wonder if a cutting is likely to root after it's been in the mail for a week?


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