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Northern California's New SubTropical Fruit Event: Fruit-A-palooza


Howdy everyone. 
The Monterey Bay Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers is holding it's first Fruit-A-Palooza. The event is unfortunately sold out for admission but the vendors booths will be publicly accessible without a ticket.  I will be there selling lots of rare plants as well as 5 and 10g plants of a select number of species. This is a great opportunity to get really rare subtropicals that are ready to plant without driving to Southern California. I'll post an availability list soon. There will also be other vendors there selling a variety of uncommon and subtropical fruits!  Put it on your calendar for this year and the next year! Looking forward to seeing this event develop into the norcal "green scene".  I'll be posting a plant list of what I'll be bringing to the event. Happy spring/summer!

Eugenia leitonii 1, 3g- 50$
Desert peach, 2, 5g- 80$
*Eugenia pyriformis 5g, 1- 100$
Kadsura spp, 3g - 5, 50$
Lucs Garcinia 5g -1, 50$
Honey drop jaboticaba 5g, 50$
Paulista Jaboticaba 5g, 75$
Ice Cream Bean 5g, 5- 50$
*Davidson plum 5g, 1- 80$
Syzygium jambos,Rose Apple5g, 4- 50$
*Syzygium paniculatum, Lilly Pilly (Large Fruited), 5g, 3- 40$
*Myrcianthes pungens, Guabiju, 10g, 10-100$
*Eugenia selloi, Pitangatuba (fruiting) 5g, 3- 125$
Pouteria lucuma, Lucuma 1g, 10- 35$
Pouteria viridis, Green Sapote 1g, 10- 35$
* Jaboticaba 4”, 10- 20$
Campomanesia lineatifolia, 4”, 10, 25$
Myrica rubra, 4”, 1, 60$

*Babaco Papaya, 4”, 4, 30$

Here's a list and prices of all that I am planning to bring. Let me know if there's anything else you might be interested in.


Should be a fun one! I'll be out there hanging with Nate, selling some of these plants.


White Sapote (Walton, Nettie, Cuccio, Delta Gold, Pike, Malibu #3)


5 x apple rootstocks
30 x peach/nectarine/plum/apricot/almond rootstocks
30 X Bacon avocados (fruits)


8 x Tropical Apricot - Dovyalis hebecarpa x D. abyssinica (1g)
10 x Ice Cream Bean Inga sp. (4")
2 x Ice Cream Bean Inga sp. (2g tree pot)
30 x pawpaw seedlings (small tree pots)
10 x avocados (5g Gwen, Gem, Jan Boyce, Pinkerton)
5 x Bacon avocados (1g)
3 x white sapote seedling (2g bag)
1 x multi-graft white sapote (15g)
3 x grafted apple trees
3 x grafted pear trees
4 x named rooted feijoas (1g)
6 x Chilean guava (4" pot)
3 x Maple Leaf mulberry (1g)
3 x Pakistan mulberry (5g)
3 x Marionberry (5g)
50 x Figs (Ronde de Bordeaux, Verte, Peterís Honey, Navidís Unk Dark Greek, Ischia Black, St. Rita, Improved Celeste, Golden Rainbow, Col de Dame Noir, Monstruese, Bourjasotte Grise, Lampeira)


40 x Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbon
15 x Leucadendron Crown Jubilee
10 x Leucospermum Brandi Dela Cruz
5 x Banksia integrifolia
15 x Banksia praemorsa (red)
15 x Banksia praemorsa (yellow)
15 x Banksia formosa
35 x Banksia grandis
30 x Protea cynaroides "King"

Cool Event was Great meeting both of you.
Lots of amazing plants were available from all parties setup.
Nate had a Big fruiting Jabo(think I heard 12 year old) on site flexin in his area !

Support Farmers (Rare fruit addict's) we need them more than ever !


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