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Selling Turpentine mango seedlings for rootstock


Hi friends,
i have over 30 turpentine mango seedlings for those wanting to graft mangoes.

Some have girth much thicker than pencil thickness size and some a little thinner but growing fast with heat and rain now. The thick ones are $20 and thin ones $15. There are many that i have made into double rootstock and some triple rootstock. Also there are 5 trees that are from a dwarfing rootstock, trees that i found naturally dwarfed in CR. Their fruits were small and round, smaller than our turpentine and sweet, spicy but fibrous.

Discount if you buy in bulk - $150 for 10 trees.   

Can do both local pickup and shipping. But i won't have time to ship right away since i am traveling back and forth but you can always come pickup if we can arrange date/time.
I also have many grafted 1g mangos  on turpentine, there are of the varieties i like. Will sell them next time once seedlings are gone.

What is the CR dwarfing rootstock?


--- Quote from: viDda on June 02, 2023, 06:54:38 PM ---What is the CR dwarfing rootstock?

--- End quote ---

When i visited our farm in CR i saw mango trees that were 12-15 ft tall, they seem to never have been pruned or cut back. And the trunk was very thick, trees with that thick trunk easily gets 30-40ft tall here. They had a very nice rounded canopy. The fruits were small, juicy and spicy, reminded of our turpentine but the canopy shape completely different. I will be using them for my rootstock. So i am not sure whether they will bring the dwarfing effect on our FL varieties but certainly something to try out and see.


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