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Growing rice without flooding


I recently became aware that flooding is used as a weed control method and is not a requirement for growing rice. This inspired me to learn more about it and maybe have a small scale production for my self and the family.

Is anyone growing rice without flooding, or has any experience on the subject?
Thank you.

I have considered this, too. I believe some cultivars are more adaptable to upland culture. From what my father-in-law tells me it is a lot of work for a fairly cheap product. I still am interested in it, though.

The rice we grow and store bought rice are not the same product. It requires what is relevant for it to be what it is. Doing what we love is no effort at all.

Theeds are real!  But same as everything else.  They grow just fine as a field crop.  Just more work with weeds and pests.


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