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Citrus General Discussion / Dalandan orange?
« on: May 12, 2018, 11:03:43 AM »
I saw a soft drink today in the local super market that contains apple and a citrus fruit called "dalandan". I had never heard of a dalandan before and can't find much info about it. Based on one source it's some kind of citrus sinensis, another source states it's citrus aurantium and related to the valencia orange...?

Does anyone have more information on this variety?

The drink containing "dalandan" is more marketing than anything else. It is said to contain only 0.1% of it which is next to nothing...

Citrus General Discussion / MgSO4 or chelated magnesium?
« on: August 10, 2015, 08:04:03 AM »
While looking on the internet for chelated iron I also found chelated magnesium. I wonder how different this is compared to using epsom salts?

I just bought a osmocote type fertilizer for my citrus plants and I would like to hear the opinion of others about its composition...
I know the NPK ratio isn't optimal for citrus but finding a fertilizer with the right ratio is next to impossible... ::)

N-P-K : 17-9-11 + 2%MgO

0,01% boron
0,025% copper
0,22% iron
0,03% manganese
0,01% molybdenum
0,008% zinc

According to the instructions one should apply 40 to 50 grams of fertilizer per 10 litres of potting soil (don't know how much that is in non-metric... :-[), one application per season.

A comment I got on another forum is that there's too little magnesium. I have no idea how much magnesium citrus needs...

All input welcome! :)

Citrus General Discussion / Ants nest in citrus plant container
« on: July 20, 2015, 12:25:54 PM »
I have a little problem with one of my citrus plants... the container it is growing in appears to be the home for an ants nest. I don't think the ants are a problem for the tree. They do cultivate some aphids when they are "in season" but other than that I think they leave the tree alone. The issue is that I have to take the tree inside during the winter season and I don't want to take the ants nest inside with it.
The ants nest was probably already there during last winter as I occasionally found an ant running around on the floor. I just didn't realize where it came from.
So I want to get rid of the nest. I already replaced the soil as much as possible last spring but that apparently didn't stop them. Last weekend I tried drowning the ants by completely submerging the container in water for an hour or so. They survived! There must have been some air bubbles left behind in the soil so they could keep breathing...
What else could I try? I don't want to poison the soil of the plant...
My next step will be to put an ant trap in the container. I'm just not sure these traps are really effective. If the ants aren't gone by the end of the season I will again try to get rid of them by replacing the soil, and this time also by rinsing the root ball with a water jet. Is the ants do return after that, I won't take the plant inside again. And that would really be a pity as it is one of my nicest growing citruses!

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