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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: What Type of Maprang Is This?
« Last post by Fruitguy on Today at 08:31:04 AM »
Congrats on flowers FG! Exciting getting closer to fruits  =

Thank you  Roblack. Hopefully this is the year.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Not enough Durian Discussion
« Last post by Finca La Isla on Today at 08:30:51 AM »
I think that Lindsay hadnít met mr. Lim before but was well aware of him. We were touring a 300 acre farm and he happened to be there on a monthly consultation. We spent less than an hour sharing durian and talking with him and the farm owners family.
Most of the durians were planted as small grafted trees there. But what I saw in two other farms were seedlings that were being grafted at about one year old.
The thing about the terracing is that there isnít any top soil left the way these guys works. They load up a large hole with medium and plant but it seems that it is if the tree is in a large pot.
Interestingly, that farm combines a lot of natural practices. They donít use herbicide and they apply EM as part of their routine.
Message me in fall and Iíll cut you some Campbell to swap
Ok all prices raised 1 cent.   8) Please do! I love when people think itís an easy way to make money. It would make for a cool vacation if you like hiking 90 degrees and 100 percent humidity in the Amazon covered in deet wearing long sleeve shirts and pants 7 to 8 hours a day searching for fruit. Not to mention a foreign country where we need to hire a translator to talk to locals. I donít speak TikunaÖ. Do you? The places we camped had no running water or electricity. Still sound like fun? After a long days hike then come home and clean seeds for 2 hours in the dark! Fun vacation stuff! If this sounds like a vacation then we need more people like you and and Iíll even invite you on my next expedition! Oh and you need your yellow vaccine to travel where I go. Itís mandatory and make sure you have a malaria precaution plan.

Thank you for allowing to me to explain My pricing and why the price will only RISE with further seeds drops as the quality of my offerings gets better and better. I learn and change my seed storage procedure every new drop. Always trying to improve and the last couple seed drop have very high germination rates.

I hire local guides to take me into the jungle. Most of these fruit are not found at the market. If I found them at the market then they are priced accordingly.  I took two fruit experts last trip and they didnít spot  anything. ;) Iíll even happily give you all the gps locations I marked. You can go go back and get all the same fruits and seeds except you need to go at the same time next year as  Amazon fruits only stay in season for Around 3 weeks then itís a new fruit crop. . So all the fruit we found are probably no longer available. I went last year in May and got completely different fruit.  And all my Tikuna indigenous guides (make sure you tip them as much as I did because they are amazing people and deserve it). I donít try and get the cheapest possible seeds. I am trying to build a community of explorers to build value to the community. Maybe if we show locals that there is value in these trees as opposed to trying to get the seeds at the cheapest possible price and ďtakeĒ from the locals, then we can actually have something sustainable. if we want them to preserve nature then the people with money need to fund it instead of whining about 1 dollar more for a seed.

Also my seeds are 100 percent true because I collected, cleaned, inspected, and never left my sight. Not sure if any other seed provider in the USA can say that. Maybe you Shiloh and palologrower haha.  But if none of that is important to you then please buy seeds from someone else.  I am almost sold out of many species and almost all my customers are repeat customers ;)
I don't see how the Oak would keep the psyllid from laying it's eggs on the citrus?[/b

It was discussed on the Citrus General Discussion.
Something from the oak helps the greening affected Citrus recover and reduces symptoms.
Oak leaf tea is used as a treatment in the trials.
Similar to the Finger Lime peptide, it imparts resistance / recovery.
You could grow 3 maybe 4 full size mango trees instead of a full size oak with a sad citrus under it.
What cultivars? Also, are these fresh from the cherry or dried. Is the parchment removed or still intact. Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado seedling fruited
« Last post by lajos93 on Today at 06:20:10 AM »

if the tree remains vigorous for you on its own root, it doesnt mean that if you graft it onto a random vigorous rootstock it will keep its vigour..  does it?
or does the scion transfers that ability as well?

What if you graft it onto a less vigorous rootstock, can it improve it?
 or once you graft it, that means the rootstock "takes the lead" from that point onwards?
Wow, if that price rises another cent I'll be doing vacationing for seeds to sell as well.
Found another source for bush long bean in the us. This appears to be a totally different variety (or 3 different varieties to be exact) than the one at Baker Creek.
Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Annona scions for sale
« Last post by foreveryoung on Today at 03:16:12 AM »
Hello Mike,
Can I have these four varieties?
4   Ong Gold
4   Vietnam Atemoya
4   Taiwanese
4   Leo #3
Thank you so much!
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