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Have a handful of stuff available that I could ship. Any purchase would be plant price plus applicable shipping costs.

Mexican sunflower cuttings 4 for $12
4in potted Heimia salicifolia $7
4in potted red Malabar spinach $5
4in potted moringa seedlings $6
4in potted yellow Hog plum seedlings $8
4in potted Thai lolot $6
4in potted Jewels of opar $4
Red Malabar spinach plugs 2 for $5
4in potted African Blue Perennial Basil $6
4in potted African potato mint $5
African potato mint cuttings 4 for $5
4in potted Chinese water chestnut $5
4in potted loquat seedlings $6
4in potted Yarrow $5
4in potted edible orange day lily $5
4in potted chaya 2 types $6
4in potted apinia nutans $6
Gallon potted true arrowroot foliage removed for shipping $15
4in potted leaf of life $6
4in potted variegated Mugwort $7
4in potted rooted dragon fruit $6
Shampoo ginger rhizomes $5 each
4in potted hoja santa/rootbeer plant  $6
4in potted society garlic $5
Gallon potted garlic Chives $10
Gallon potted society garlic $10
Gallon potted edible day lily $12
Gallon potted lesser galangal ginger foliage removed for shipping $15
4in potted Anatto $6
4in potted native violets $5

Thanks for any purchases! We could really use some help at the moment.


Hi Derek, I'll get a list together. PM me your # again please. Thanks, D

Hey D!

Your plants are too cheap! lol, you got some hard to find stuff, and they are always great. Will shoot you a pm later, I want to put together another order.

I try to be very fair nonetheless but I am aware I could charge a bit more. I do charge a bit more sometimes in my online stores. In person face to face I go real soft too. My wife says something  once and awhile about the prices I charge people especially in person at the nursery. We do fully live of that right now with kids and TONS of animals.

Add these maybe some repeats...

Waterleaf spinach 4in potted $5 or 4 cuttings $5
Bacopa cuttings 5 for $5
Red Sugarcane cuttings(limited) 3 for $8
Calamondin larger plug seedlings $8
Longevity spinach 4in potted $4(OK enough but not perfect) or 4 cuttings  for $5(would be nicer)
Okinawa spinach 4in potted $5 or 4 cuttings for $5
Brazilian Sisso spinach 4in potted plants $5(a bit caterpillar bitten but totally fine otherwise) or 4 unrooted cuttings $6
Patchouli herb cuttings 4 for $5
native St. John's mint rooted or at least semi rooted cuttings $1 each
Elderberry hardened stem cuttings 5 for $6
Queensland arrowroot (Canna edulis is what I thought I had but actually probably canna indica) 1 rhizome piece $6
Leaf of life leaf cuttings 2 for $3
Spider lily bare root 1 bulb $6
Opuntia edible pad cactus 2 pads $6 non fruiting variety obtained from a guy whom brought it straight from Puerto Rico
Okra seeds Clemson spineless and silver queen mix 25seeds $1
Lettuce seeds romaine butter cruch mixed 50 $1
Tobacco seeds 100+ $1
Milkweed yellow or scarlet seeds 25 $1
Canna edulis seeds 10 $1
Purple and green Lamb's Quarters seeds either type 100+ $1
Curly yellow dock seeds 50 $1
Fiddle leaf dock seeds 50 $1
Seminole Everglades Tomato seeds 25 $1
Seminole pumpkin seeds 5 $1
Watermelon seeds 15 $1
Heimia salicifolia 100+ seeds $1
Malabar Spinach 10 seeds $1
Star fruit seeds 5 $1
American persimmon seeds 5 $1
Turmeric rhizomes $2.50 per rhizome
dioscorea alata bulbils 5 $3
Roselle seeds 25 $2
Arugula seeds 50+ $1
Diakon radish seeds 25 $1
Papalo seeds 25 $1
Cilantro seeds 25 $1
Dill seeds 25 $1
Cowpeas 25 $1
Bok choy 50 $1
Michihili 50 $1
Allium canadense 10 topset bulbs $3
Staghorn Sumac 25 $1
Winged Sumac 25 $1
Jewels of opar seeds 25 $1
Waterleaf spinach 25 $1
Sweet potato (3types- garnet, Beauregard, purple molokia- perennial if protected from cold) 4 cuttings  $5
Landrace grain corn seeds 10 $1
Cucumber 20 $1
Moringa seeds 5 $1
Silk mimosa seeds 5 for $1
Leucenia 10 for $1
Poke sallet seeds 25 $1
Blue saw palmetto 3seeds $1
Texas persimmon 5 seeds $1(stratification started)

If just seeds minimum order of $4-5 plus applicable shipping.

Sourdough bread starter 1/2 cup $5


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