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I am growing citrus, apples, pomergrante, figs, mango (lemon mergiune, orange sherbert, cotton candy, piņa colada, fruit punch, desharri,  kesar, alphonso, m4, Pickering, malika and sugar loaf) i also growing rollinia , coconut (king/fiji/mayalsian green) i also have sapodillas alano and butterscotch sapodilla, i have white sapote and pumpkin pie mamey, i also have black berry jam fruit, starfruit kari, chocolate sapote, ice cream bean, Guamuchil, atemoyas lisa and i grafted birula, i also have a green geffner that i grafted dream atemoya to, i also have ilama atemoya and Oaxaca pink ilama, i also grafted many white sapotes to my suebelle. I have abiu and lemon guava, orange gushkin sweet guava, belmonte guava, Mexican cream guava yellow Egyptian guava and asian pears mayalsian guava  im really got into grafting i love it !!!!
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