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wanted: Canistel Fairchild #2

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Looking for a source of grafted Fairchild #2 Canistel in CA or able to ship here. Thanks

There's got to be a supplier with Canistel Fairchild #2 that can ship to CA.

I would say check with Adam (ASaffron), but not sure he can ship to FL.

If you don't find any takers, you may just buy a canistel tree and have budwood sent to you to graft one.

No one can ship into California from out of state.  It is illegal to do so. - Milllet

You have probably already tried, but what about Ong's?

As far as having one shipped, you might want to call Mickey at PlantOGram (  He is a good guy, and has sourced things from FL for me in the past.  One caution, with the phyto. cert. and shipping it will not be cheap.  I have also heard good things about The Wild Papaya in FL.  You might want to try them as well.

I will have to check my list, but I do not think that Pouteria sp. are on CA's prohibited list.



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