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Wanted: Desert lime (Citrus glauca) seeds

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Does anyone have a source for these in the USA?

Iíve been searching for years, havenít found one yet.

This seems to be the only place I can find them, but from Australia so take it as you will. I havenít purchased from here before so I cannot say anything about them.

I guess the CCPP would be our only choice

However Australia being free of HLB I think it would be possible to import from there:

"Non-restricted countries may import Rutaceae seeds with an import permit, phytosanitary certification from the country of
origin, and a declaration that the country of origin is free of HLB and CVC. " I've been meaning to make a post asking about this as ive never imported seed and citrus/rutaceae have so many regulations

Here is a seller who offers various finger lime cultivar seeds that interest me too:

CCPP has these? Iím about to order if they do. I didnít even check with them assuming itís not in the states. I attempted to go through the order process, but it comes to about $50 USD after tracking (and permits I guess) to ship out 20 seeds. Who knows if theyíre viable? I donít think I could take a chance at that price.

Where did you find that they will ship seeds?


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