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Asian Persimmon - this season crops

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Great pictures!  Thanks for identifying the different varietes clearly.  Haven't gotten any fruit from my persimmon tree yet, so I'm very much looking forward to it (and jealous in the meantime)!

My Matsumoto fruits for this season ripened and finished early. Start to ripen in Sept, then all finished in October.

Now the only persimmon I have that are ripening is the Hyakume. It says in some description that this fruit is the sweetest (non-astringent) of them all. Last year all my fruits were large but did not get cross pollinated (PVN). This year it did get pollinated by my other varieties I grafted on the tree and so the fruits have seeds and the brown sugar color inside. Very sweet, as sweet as the astringent varieties (i.e. Saijo, Hachiya) but the flesh does not need to be soft to taste sweet.

I will post some photos of my fruit on Wednesday so I can show the comparison of the Fuyu, Jiro, and my Unknown Variety. The Hyakume is a winner with pollinated, hard to find other non-astringent variety that is sweeter than this one. I ate a few Fuyu from this year's crop and it was very sweet.

If you have some sweet non-astringent variety then please mention it here.

Here's my Hyakume fruit that was pollinated, taste was very good.


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