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Japanese citrus growers?

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caladri do you mind sharing which growers in Okinawa you've ordered from previously? I inquired with one orchard but they said they can't ship internationally to US or Canada because of quarantine requirements.

Hi RS,

I wish I could help, but I'm not sure anyone would be able to ship to Florida! In the case of Canada, it's relatively easy to show people the CFIA ARS system (like the USDA's ACIR system) which shows there's no requirements on import for fruit. I've mostly been dealing with a growers through a friend who's in the industry, but I've had luck with one or two other places on my own. Looking at ACIR, it looks like you need a permit, can only bring in Citrus unshiu, it must be a commercial shipment, and must be from specific islands. It may be that some regions within Japan are subject to additional requirements I'm not encountering, too.

Thank you, that's helpful that it's just explaining the CFIA ARS import requirements for fruit (I have family in Canada). I'd found those USDA restrictions for FL and wasn't sure if there might be alternatives.

The orchard I inquired with specializes in buntan and konatsu. Will probably have to make a trip to Japan one day to try these.

Best of luck with your search!

Oops, I have a typo: it's the AIRS system :)

And yeah, up to 20kg of citrus fruit can be brought into Canada from Japan without any documentation as long as it's for personal use, and not for resale. Have lots sent to your Canadian family!


I live in Japan.
My house is a citrus farmer.I also have a master of citrus seedling.He is an old man.I think he is the person who knows the most citrus in Japan.

I will export plants(seed grafted,and seedlings)overseas from this year.


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