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--- Quote from: vall on December 08, 2022, 04:06:16 PM ---I thought Hachiya could be treated with CO2 to remove astringency. Are those at publix? I need to go grab a bag. I have some ripening on the counter but they're taking weeks.


--- End quote ---
My thoughts exactly.

Honeys must be a new persimmon brand being carried by Publix. I purchased a bag earlier this week, the day before gnappi's post. However, mine were all soft and properly ripened. They truly were ready to eat, good quality Hachiya persimmons. So were the other bags at my Publix.

I agree with gnappi that this is not a good idea but for a completely different reason. Ripe persimmons are very fragile. Nearly all of them had damage of some sort. Whereas the unripened ones I bought earlier in the fall are in excellent shape, though some of them are still not ready to eat. I like the basic premise of what the Honeys brand is trying to do. Perhaps if they packaged these persimmons in clamshell containers with individual compartments, to prevent crushing, bumping, bruising, etc., then I would be completely on board with what they're selling.

My guess is they've been treated to remove astringency. It's probably supply chain delays causing them to show up when softening, I've encountered a bit of that this year with pears, buy the time they get to the store they're just soft enough to be destroyed by the checkout bagger.

Where I live, most persimmons you can buy in the grocery stores are of the Rojo Brillante variety, which is normally astringent but these ones are always treated to remove astringency and you can eat them immediately, like they were Fuyus. So I'm pretty sure people who produce Honeys have done the same and wouldn't be so insane to claim how a fully astringent persimmon is "ready to eat NOW", because their business would not last for very long if they did that.

I picked up some of these from Publix when hard in November and waited many weeks for them to soften. The 2nd one I had was squishy but not squishy enough. Got a nice mouth full of cotton!


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