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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Are all Simmonds Avocados Semi-Dwarf?
« on: December 28, 2020, 05:36:01 AM »
Nearly all Simmonds avocado trees I see for sale list them as "Semi-Dwarf".  Are they naturally semi-dwarf or being grafted onto semi-dwarf rootstock for for some reason?  What is the deal? I prefer full sized trees.  Thanks.

Looking to add an early/summer avocado tree and was wanting to get a Simmons but heard they were cold sensitive.  I have a mature Choquette that is doing great, but it is supposedly a bit more cold hardy than Simmons.  If there is anyone growing Simmons in the Tampa area please advise.  Thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Best flavor: Jabuticaba vs, Muscadines
« on: December 07, 2020, 11:50:58 PM »
I know they are similar, but which wins out for flavor if you could only plant one?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Controlling Fruit Rot on Brogdon Avocafos
« on: August 26, 2020, 06:27:09 AM »
Brogdon skin is very thin and prone to rotten spots on the bottom which spread to the rest of the fruit before it can ripen.  Is there a solution?  Any nutrient that will encourage thicker skin on the fruit?  It effects about 50% of the fruit on my tree.  Thanks.

Hey Guys

I have a VP tree that got pushed over about 10-15 degrees by the last hurricane we had.  Other than a minor list it has showed no damage or stress.  I know VP`s often skip a year, so until now it didn't seem unsual.   Prior to this it fruited regularly.
Tree continues to grow well and look healthy.  Any thoughts or ideas

Thanks.  :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Wanted: EDWARD, PPK, DAY & ORO NEGRO TREES
« on: March 05, 2020, 04:34:52 PM »
Looking for these trees in healthy filled out 3 gallon size with decent roots.  Need a place that ship or is in the Tampa area.  Yes already tried Pine Island in Miami & Fruitscapes in Bookelia.  Thanks. 

Hey Guys

I know that Valencia Pride often skips a year, but it appears this will be the 3rd year of no bloom or fruit.  For comparison my neighbors Valencia Pride is in full bloom.  This tree did get pushed about 10 degrees over in the last hurricane, but didn't seem any worse for wear.  I fertilize regularly, but is there other nutrient or anything else I can do to get this tree back on track.  It's acting more like a Mulgoba right now.  Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Star Fruit: Kari vs. Fwang Tung
« on: December 01, 2019, 09:05:19 PM »

I am planning on planting a Kari carambola tree.  As they are so prolific I was reluctant to plant a 2nd variety unless justified.  Is Fwang Tung unique enough and good enough to also justify planting as well?

Thanks. : )

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Super Hass or Nishikawa....Need help deciding
« on: November 26, 2019, 01:24:58 AM »
Starting to run out of tree space.  Have a spot for either a Super Hass or Nishikaawa avocado.  I have tasted Super Hass before, but not Nishikawa.  What say you?

I know avocados don't grow true from seed, but are there any known exceptions to to this as with some mangoes?


I had been considering planting a Dupuis Avocado tree, but was warned against it as they were supposedly susceptible to the cold even in 10B and I live in 9B.  Then I read this on about Dupuis on Squam's website:


Well I have plenty of Mango trees and they have never gotten burned or suffered from the cold YET.  So what is it?  Are Dupuis a safe bet in my area or would I be wasting my time, money & effort?  Normally I wouldn't bother, but Dupuis is supposed to be an exceptional variety.


Looking to add the #1 Best Tasting SEEDLESS mandarin, tangerine, etc that does well in Florida 9B?  Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Lula vs. Nishikawa Avocado
« on: November 10, 2019, 06:06:26 AM »
Currently have room for a 6th Avocado tree and am torn between Lula & Nishikawa.  Would welcome input as I have never had a Nishikawa before.  Thanks.  : )

I realize that Glen, Varney, Robinson Navels are the preferred varieties of Navels for Florida, but the Florida Navels while good just aren't as good as the California Washington navels from the store.   I had been been told that Washington navels didn't do well in Florida and that they "didn't hold their juice" here.   Being stubborn I had to try anyway.  The Washington Navel I planed 10 years ago never got above 3-4 feet.  While it has produced fruit they has been inferior and the juice sacs are semi-dry and not filled out.  It's planted over a shallow septic drain field so water & fertilizer are not an issue.

I have grown Varney Navels before and while good they weren't as good as a California Navel.  Has anyone been able to grow Grade A Washington Navels here in Florida like the ones in the store or is  it a "fruitless" exercise.  Thanks. 

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Wal-Mart Lula Avocados from Redlands - Yuck
« on: October 16, 2019, 06:56:17 PM »
Bought a Lula Avocado in Wal-Mart a couple days ago.  After letting it soften up I just tried it.  OMG what a diluted washed out watery flavorless grassy tasting mess. 

October is just when Lula's are beginning their season.  I assume that mid October must be too early for good 10B Lula's.  Even for a store bought cado it was awful.  I can't  believe  the Lula I had was an accurate representation of what a Lula tastes like.  Diluted sweet flavor, VERY watery and no yellow color in the flesh, just green.  Aroma smelled green/grassy.  Was thinking about planting a Lula, now having 2nd thoughts.  I don't want to judge the variety too harshly based on this one store bought fruit especially when it rates high with other people.  I suspect this fruit needed at least another 2-4 weeks on the tree. Can anyone advise?

Citrus General Discussion / Oneco Mandarin - 95 % of fruit dry
« on: October 08, 2019, 02:41:47 AM »
12 years ago I was talked into planting an Oneco mandarin which was supposedly a popular variety around the time of the civil war.  It never got very big and the fruit it has produced has mostly been dry and pithy.  The few fruit it has produced that were good were excellent and had a flavor like "Sunny Delight" or Orange Starburst candy.  Meanwhile the Dancy planted right next to it always has good fruit.  Does anyone else have any experience with Oneco Mandarin and have any advice?  Thanks.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Wildlife Decoy Fruit Trees for Avocado/Mango
« on: October 06, 2019, 11:31:07 PM »
I lost almost half my Brogdons to squirrels this year and my mangoes usually suffer a similar fate.  Would planting starfruit, sapodilla or anything else in close proximity help to reduce the wildlife pressure on my other trees?  Thanks.

Hey All

Would either Brogdon or Choquette make for good seedling Florida rootstock for grafting?  If not what is the #1 best cold hardy avocado rootstock for grafting in Florida 9B.  I have heard Lula is very good.  Thanks.

Hey All

I am considering planting a Kampong as it's about the only Spring variety available.  I have heard it's a Scab magnet tho and my only concern is whether it can cause increased scab in other unaffected avocado trees if planted next to them in a dooryard situation? 


I have now lost most of the 20 or so mature citrus trees I have planted over the years.  I am afraid to due to HRB I have planted my last citrus tree.  From everything I have read the experts are really no closer to finding a cure or solution than they were at the beginning.

Please give me one good reason to still plant citrus.  I am afraid HRB has won and no cure will be found in my lifetime.  I will continue to plant other fruit trees, but sadly I think I will never plant another citrus tree again.  Anyone want to try and convince me otherwise?

I realize all/most avocados do not grow true, but some of my neighbors who I have given Brogdons to have asked me if it's worth planting the seeds.  I have already told them all to buy a grafted tree, but with some people they won't listen & that will just never happen...........................So will planting a Brogdon seed or any avocado seed USUALLY & EVENTUALLY produce something SIMILAR to the parent tree or is it a total crap shoot what you'll get MOST of the time?  Thanks.

I couldn't help but notice how many of my mango trees & other old mango trees in my coastal 9B area failed to flower or fruit this year.  Even the old reliable trees in my neighborhood never even flowered this year.  It was a fairly mild winter.  It was a weird year.   Crepe Myrtles that normally flower in May are just flowering now.

Any thoughts about likely causes?


My 6-8 year old 20' Brogdan fruited for the first time this year holding about 25 fruit.  All was going well till a couple weeks ago when all the fruit developed 1" scab?? spots that rotted through on the lower half all in the same location.  Is this going to be an ongoing annual issue?  I know Brogdan are supposed to be thin skinned and wonder if that could be a contributing factor.  I have never sprayed any of my fruit trees and really don't want to start now.  One of the reasons I selected a Brogdan was I thought it was pretty much free of significant disease issues.  Thanks.


1. Both Carla & Cotton Candy are supposed to trump Keitt for flavor, but will their season stretch into September+?

2. Do Carla & Cotton Candy trump Honey Kiss & Lancetilla for flavor?

3. Can anyone describe Carla & Cotton Candy's flavor profile or compare them to any other common varieties?  People say CC tastes like CC, which really doesn't tell you much other than to say it tastes sweet as sugar.




The choices for very late Mangoes are somewhat limited.   The end of August often signals the end of mango season, but there are a few other varieties that hang on after the all the others are done.  There is always Keitt which is the latest of the late & deserving of yard space for that alone, but what about the others?  Lancetilla & Beverly are listed as being September mangos by PIN and Honey Kiss is supposed to be a September mango also.  All three of these varieties have good flavor, but there are subtle differences between them in flavor that is noticeable. Personal preference may be the key as neither stands out from the rest for flavor & their overall scores are very close.

1. Beverly - One of the traditional late season Zill family favorites.  These are the ones they kept for themselves at the end of the season.  Beverly has a lot going for it.  It's large, juicy, VERY good firm flesh, even ripening, mostly classic mango flavor, ripens well on the counter, etc. The ones I had were very clean without external or internal issues. PIN viewer gives it a 4 star flavor rating. What set's Beverly apart is that it does have a unique slightly "Turpentine/Asian"?? key component that some will either think adds or subtracts from it.  It's a flavor component that I have detected in Duncan, but it's much more pronounced in Beverly.  It is probably a characteristic that you would like if you grew up eating this mango so I understand why Walter Zill says his life "wouldn't be complete without a Beverly tree".  The turp/asian component is also probably something that would grow on you or that you and would come to like or notice less with time.  If you like Duncan you will like Beverly possibly even more if you like Duncan's undertones & aftertaste.  Beverly Fruit Quality Score: 8.5 - Flavor Score 7.25 

2. Honey Kiss - This has been compared to a late SMALL late Keitt with bit of honey. That is probably fairly accurate.  The "hint of honey" is similar to a touch of Nam Doc Mai flavor (in a good way). It is a smallish, juicy, semi-creamy, mild flavored mango and would probably be popular with a wide number of people.  The ones I had did suffer from some uneven ripening ala Cushman/Keitt and even had the Cushman orange ring around the outside as well as some minor jelly seed, but this didn't subtract from the overall flavor or enjoyment.  Probably it was a good thing that Walter Zill saved the original tree from his brother Gary's chainsaw.  :  )

If you like Glenn's or small late Keitt's with just a dash of NDM #4 honey flavor added than HK is probably one that you would enjoy.  For flavor it does edge out Beverly IMHO, but the flavor profiles are somewhat different and scores are close so YMMV.  HK overall Fruit Quality Score: 7.0........HK Flavor Score:  7.5

3. Lancetilla - Ok it's a freakishly large mango.  It can get the size of a football & reach 5 pounds.  It's a conversation piece & just for geeky fruit collectors and probably tastes bad or weird right?   Well that's what I thought also.  I was wrong.  PIN gives it 4 stars for flavor and I can see why.  No doubt Lancetilla gets bad reviews because it does take a long time to ripen up due to it's size and most people probably are trying them prematurely when they "look ready" but really aren't. I will concede that Lancetilla BEFORE it comes up to full flavor is a TOTAL ZERO!!  Once they fully ripen Lancetilla is VERY enjoyable eating experience.  It has been compared to a Kent for texture & flavor, and while that may be true Lancetilla is considerably better & significantly more satisfyingly enjoyable than any Kent I've had.  It has true classic mango flavor without any turp or other possibly offensive subtle flavors so it should appeal to just about anyone who like mangoes.  Lancetilla has a pleasantly subtle tart component that I haven't detected in Kent.  Out of all the September varieties I've tried Keiit, Kent, Beverly & Honey Kiss I enjoyed Lancetilla the most.  There is also something primitively satisfying about diving face first into an ice cold watermelon sized mango over the kitchen sink on a hot Florida summers day.  Despite the size of the fruit, Lancetilla is also a tree that can be controlled and kept under control.  Lancetilla gets a lot of notice because of it's size, but it may need to get more respect as possibly being the best tasting very late September mango there is.  The fruit is also very clean & would probably even be a relatively good keeper & shipper due to it's long ripening time.  I also suspect that it isn't MBBS prone like Kent, but maybe Squam can chime in on this.  Just one of these that will leave you feeling full.  Would make for great summer picnic mango fresh off the ice or to enjoy as you're slowing tubing down river.  If you are looking to add a very late mango variety give Lancetilla a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised as I was.  Just make sure you wait for them to FULLY RIPEN first.  Overall Fruit Quality Score: 9.......Overall Flavor & Texture Score 7.75+


1. Lancetilla: 7.75+
2. Honey Kiss: 7.50
3. Beverly: 7.25

Let the fights begin........... 8) 8) 8)




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