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Trip Report!! Jack and the BeanStalk
« on: May 13, 2022, 10:10:15 AM »
East Coast-
Jack and the BeanStalk
The property
This a small property with a large variety of tropical and subtropicals. They also carry some citrus.
The staff
The staff is was two ladies  and an older gentleman who spoke "ok" English so with my "ok" spanish I was able to converse.
The website
It's pretty basic and sparse. They seem to make an effort to update their inventory but you have to download a pdf so it is not up to the minute accurate but at least they are trying. They also respond to emails so that is plus.
Prices there are on par with with the upper end of Florida prices and I would say maybe a little pricey; Almost like West cost pricing a few years ago. 3 gals for >$45 is becoming the new normal. Theirs were $55 and small. When I was there most of their inventory was above 7 gal and up especially for what I call hard to find. Caimito's were in short supply and what they had looked healthy but was in 15 gals for $190 and only the greens were available. They had some healthy wax jambus in 7 gal but they were $90. I still bought two but it stung. Yes, the inflation has hit and it sucks.
On par with most other sellers in terms of size and health. Some of the plants were a little burned. I suspect this is because they don't have everything under shade cloth.

I met the owner and he was a nice guy. Even though his prices were a little high IMO he did cut me a deal so I basically got one 3gal plant for free.  I heard about the place from a youtuber named Paul. This guy is a great resource for places to go but he is single-handedly running down the inventory for everything  :D :D :D The owner said a few days after Paul posted the video he was swamped. It's about 20 min off of I-95 Near West Palm beach if I am not mistaken.

I was at Lara's bright and early. The gate was closed 10 minutes after opening time so I called. Julian answered the phone. After a short convo I found out he was sold out of almost everything. I was looking for: caimitos, custard apples.... Hopefully he will have more inventory soon. Call before you travel


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