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Hi forum, I am growing some Eugenia dasyblasta, and it recently produced some tasty fruit. The seeds were from Trade Winds Fruit and planted less than 3 years ago. I grow it indoors exclusively under artificial light. The plant in the picture has been growing in a tiny 3"x5" pot its whole life. It seems to easily set fruit unlike some other kinds of Eugenia.

The taste is very good, sweet with balanced tartness and very juicy. It is soft and practically melts in the mouth, and the seed is comparatively small. The fruit was picked such that it fell off with the slightest touch. I'm not sure what less ripe fruit are like. The flavor reminds me of those dried mango slices you can get at Asian supermarkets. There were no weird or objectionable flavors.

I also have an Australian beach cherry, and its flavor is kind of bland with not much flesh. The skin has a resin taste so its better with the skin carefully peeled off, but is a lot of work for such a tiny fruit. Perhaps it would taste better with more light.

I have for sale about 50-60 fresh miracle fruit and 4 finger lime fruits. Finger limes are about 3 inches long, no seeds. $60 for the bundle and free shipping.

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