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Plinia Inflata (“Giant" Mulchi) Seedlings and A. Montana trees For Sale

*****Plinia Inflata (“Giant" Mulchi) Seedlings*****
Seeds are from Guaycuyacu
$50 each plus shipping

Picture of fruit from Farwell Fruit Farm

*****A. Montana (mountainsop) trees*****
$40 each plus shipping

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Red Annona naming
« on: November 25, 2021, 06:50:32 PM »
Hi I just want to confirm whether the following names all refer to the same tree. I use to think they were different but see a tree being sold with the name listed as Red Atemoya/ Red Geffner/ Israel Red/ 47-18/ temoylata. You help is greatly appreciated thank you😊.

Hi I recently bought an Annona tree tagged as Atemoya but they weren’t sure of the variety. This might be unrealistic to ask but could anyone determine what type of atemoya or Annona this might be. Thanks in advance.

Hi I recently purchased a custard apple tree (red cherimoya) from an online seller and the trees leaves were partially or completely black and had mostly fallen off. There were also spider mites. I wanted to know if this tree is just extremely sensitive and a 5 day trip would naturally do this but it should bounce back or is this something more.

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