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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Is it worth the effort to move a Lychee Tree?
« on: February 26, 2024, 09:35:23 PM »
We are redoing the landscape and need to relocate some trees. They are about 4,5 years in ground from 5-7 gallon size. We did move some trees before from our old house to this one. It takes a lot of effort and time. I have a Brewster and a Mauritius. They are both about 4x4 ft in size now. Last year they had a few fruits.
Please share your experience with moving lychee trees. Will it hurt the tree too much and we will better off planting new trees? I am experienced with moving citrus, guava, mango,and carambola. Citrus is the easiest one. I can cut the root to 1/3 and they will bounce back in 6 months.
Any shared experience will be highly appreciated.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Anna Carambola/ Star fruit
« on: February 14, 2024, 06:48:47 PM »
Anyone in TFF is the owner of Florida Fruit Geek blog?

I am very interested to know more of this Anna Carambola.
My Sri Kembangan was always holding fruit to maturity when we lived in Glendale. Delicious fruit!
Then we moved to Sun Valley, almost 5 years in the ground, and only once it held one fruit when the winter was mild.
It planted in a very fertile garden soil and protected in the corner by 2 walls. The tree thrives, and always blooms thousands of flowers every August/ September. Most flowers turn into small fruits, but then the winter hits and all the small fruits fall off.

If anyone has this Anna variety and can sell and ship me some bigger size scions, i will topwork my Sri Kembangan.
The Florida fruit geek is not shipping plant material unfortunately.

Thanks for reading!

Anyone has Robert's Golden Rainbow Fig Tree- aka Ben's Golden Riverside?


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Can a Cherimoya survive if I Dig It out?
« on: October 01, 2022, 01:12:12 AM »
It is a Pierce cherimoya that has been 2.5 years in the ground from a 3 gallon pot.
The size is about 5 ft tall and 5 ft wide. After 2.5 years, I learned that mangoes are more worth growing in my yard.
I want to replace it with a mango tree, and if somehow I can save this Pierce cherimoya, I will put it in the pot and give it to whoever wants it.
My annonas are always drop their fruits when the weather goes above 100 degrees, and the tree still looks really ugly
with some yellow/ burnt leaves together with a lanky main trunk, despite all the extra care I do for them (my honey heart and Exotica Red don't look good either). Next I will get rid of my Exotica red/ Paxton Prolific. Geffner has 1 more year to prove it's worthiness.
Meanwhile my mangoes grow really well with the same watering schedule and a lot less care, plus I don't need to hand pollinate them.
My sugarloaf mango is in between the Pierce and the Exotica Red. While both annonas have been 2.5 years and give 0 fruit, the sugarloaf is only 1.5 years in ground, also from a 3 gallon, and gave me 3 full size delicious mangoes this year, not to mention the tree also looks very full and healthy.

My friend recommends watering the annonas more, but all my trees are in the same line of dripping system, the mangoes might die if I water more.
So, should I carefully dig the tree out and give it away, or just chop it down to pieces?

Thanks for any suggestion!

Hello everyone,

Please share your experience on when is the best time to pick and to eat each variety of mango. It will certainly help us to know the timing so we can eat them at the peak of it's flavor.

I am new to mango growing, and have been reading almost everything in this forum to learn from all the gurus here.
Yesterday i just tried my first Kathy from my tree. It was really good, sweet, juicy, and fiberless, but lacked any complex flavor.
It certainly did not 'Wow' me. I picked it when it had about 30% yellow color and the nose already turned soft. Then I left it for about 4 days on the counter until it turned completely yellow before I ate it.
Did I leave it too long on the counter? Or did I pick it too early?

A week before I ate my Sweet Tart, and it was really delicious. It was not only very sweet and tart at the same time, but also had some very complex savory flavor to it. I picked the Sweet Tart a little early, and the color never turn completely yellow, but it was already soft when I ate it. Last year I picked it almost fully ripe, and it was just really sweet and really tart without that delicious savory flavor like this year.

This video from Sulcata Grove is very informative about when to pick and eat the Dot mango for the prime eating quality:

And I just picked some Sugarloaf yesterday because it has some yellowish blush already, I would like to know how long I need to leave it on the counter before I can eat it for the best flavor.

Below are the pictures of my Kathy and Sugarloaf.

I have 15 pieces of 15 gallon black nursery pots from a project.
Good used condition.
Pick up in Sun Valley 91352.
First come first serve.


It was windy with scattered rain this morning, causing some unripe fruits to drop.
One of them is from a mango tree labelled as Orange Sherbet that I got from Florida 2 years ago.
The tree arrived half dead, shippen bareroot and lost in mail for 5 weeks. It was also had bad anthracnose.
I lost hope but still nursed it. 2 years later it is a happy strong mango tree.
 I picked up the fallen mango and an overwhelming jasmine smell blew me away.
I don't have any jasmine plant in my yard. The OS mango tree is in ground next to a tomato, a suriname cherry, and a calamodine. But there is no bloom or flower at all on the calamodine now.
Is this a mislabelled Orange Sherbet?
My husband confirms that this mango smells really flowery too.
Other mangoes that are still hanging on the tree do not have a strong flowery smell though.
Pictures attached.

Anyone who lives nearby Burbank and likes mangosteen, go today!!!
I just came back with 2 bags and I wish I had bought 10 bags instead.
It is fresh, not frozen or previously frozen, not rotten like last time when I bought previously frozen ones.
The whole bag is fresh and very delicious.
The stems are all intact means they have not been kept like a month or so in storage.
The price is also very reasonable for one bag is about 2 lbs and only $13.99!
I lost the tag, so I cannot see where this mangosteen comes from. But I grew up eating fresh mangosteen, and I approve of these ones!
Go buy it today!!

I will do some pruning before I take a sabbatical medical rest for a few months, and I also have some extra seeds. I apologize that I cannot do any shipping at all, travelling to the post office is kind of a task for me and I have a tight schedule now before my medical procedure.
Location in Sun Valley near Burbank airport.
Saturday is the best day to pick up.
This offer is only to pick up from 06/04 to 06/11, if no one takes them I will discard.


- Dwarf Thai Mulberry ----> it is not dwarf at all, but it is super productive, and actually after the 2nd year the fruit is getting really good if you let it fully ripe on the tree. It is almost as good as black Pakistan when it is fully ripe. It fruits all year long for me with no care and very little water.

- Possum purple passion fruit ---> very vigorous, fruit all year long, and taste better than Frederic or Panama in my opinion. If you are lucky I will have some fruit to share when you come. Very drought tolerant, I rarely water it and it keeps producing fruit like crazy.

- Passiflora Decaisneana ---> I never tried the fruit, this year is the first time it holds fruits. Supposedly it tastes really sweet. Limited cuttings, since my vine is only 2 years old.


- Vermillion Surinam cherry ---> harvested within 3 weeks. The tree is productive, low maintenance, and drought tolerant.
- Thomas sapodilla ---> from the fruit I got from Florida (limited quantity).

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Red Ruby Longan
« on: May 04, 2022, 04:44:32 PM »
Anyone here grows Red Ruby longan?

I cannot find much information on this, only that it is native to Vietnam, has thicker flesh than other longan, and is really sweet (brix 21).

We love our Kohala longan, but what is better than a longan tree? 2 longan trees, especially if it is superior to Kohala.

However, there is no information about cold hardiness, disease resistance, etc. We are in zone 10A with Santa Ana wind, Kohala does extremely well here.
Before we buy this Red Ruby longan tree, we would like to know more about it.

Thank you everyone in advance.

Chempedak is my favorite childhood fruit after mangosteen, but after I killed several numbers of seedlings, I am moving on and want to try to grow chempejack or jackedak instead.

Top Tropicals is the only one certified to ship to California. They have this variety:
4692 Jackedak Cheena, Jackfruit x Chempedak (Artocarpus x integer)

However since they have minimum order of $200 to ship to Cali, plus another $120 shipping fee, this is not a cheap purchase and I want to know the odds of getting any fruit here in Los Angeles area. I am in Sun Valley, zone 10A.
Mangoe, lychee, and longan grow well here, but I have killed numerous amount of soursop, jackfruit and chempedak.

I am planning to put the Jackedak in the ground, next to the wall, a mango tree, and a pommegranate tree to shelter it from cold wind and gives it more 'micro climate' condition.

Will anyone who has experience growing Jackedak or Chempejack in So-Cal please share here?

Thank you!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Unknown White Sapote with black mold?
« on: December 14, 2021, 08:28:21 PM »
Hello everyone,

We just purchased an old house, and it has an old white sapote tree in the back yard. The tree is about 30-40 years old, but it is only 15-18 ft tall.
So I assume it is a dwarf variety. It is not Suebelle, because I have a Suebelle, the leaves shape is different, and Suebelle's leaves are fuzzy on the backsides.

Recently after a rainy day, the tree blooms and now has clusters of small fruitlets (see picture). I am very excited to try the fruit, and want to improve the tree's health so it will hold all the fruits to maturity.

The previous owner never take care of this tree, it was never watered, and surrounded by big clump of birds of paradise (I will get rid of them).
The leaves of this white sapote are full of black spots that look like black mold. Please see the pictures.
Should I spray the leaves with copper mixed? Should I fertilize the tree so it will get stronger and can fight the disease by itself?

Any input will be highly appreciated!

I have some fresh Vermilion Suriname cherry seeds from a tree that produces very delicious fruit. Also some Pierce cherimoya seeds.
First come first serve. Pick up in Sun Valley, or send me a stamped envelope, I am not going to post office since the wait has always been too long.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Scam, do not order from
« on: October 19, 2021, 09:17:22 PM » offers fresh fruit shipped with relatively cheaper price compared than other similar website.
Question is: how is the quality of the fruit?
Their lychee looks giant in the picture.<br /><br />
Anyone have experience with them?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Please help ID White Sapote
« on: September 11, 2021, 12:23:48 AM »
Strange story but true, I found this single white sapote in the middle of iHOP parking lot in Burbank. The fruit is not big, but looks clean and fresh, so I picked it up. I walked around the neighborhood but did not see any white sapote tree.
The fruit was light yellow with some green hues, I waited until it turned completely yellow, wrinkly and soft to cut it open.
To my surprise, this is the best white sapote I've ever tried. Of course I haven't tried that many. I have eaten some from Fullerton arboretum, my neighbor's tree, and some given by friends.
However, nothing is as good as this one.
Soft melting flesh, zero aftertaste, no bitterness, very sweet but not nauseating, a little caramel butterscotch flavor to it.
The outer peel tastes a little bit savory salty.
There are 2 big seeds and 2 tiny ones.
Will the seed grow true to the parent?
Here are the pictures:

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Free Atemoya and Cherimoya Seeds
« on: June 18, 2021, 01:51:50 AM »
My generous neighbor gave me some fresh atemoyas and cherimoyas from his orchard last February.
I still have plenty of seeds left. They are mixed of Lisa, Geffner, African Pride, and unknown cherimoya.
If anyone interested, you can pick up. Location in Sun Valley nearby Burbank airport.
Total about 50 seeds.
Thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Do Ants Pollinate Longan Flowers?
« on: May 05, 2021, 08:17:37 PM »
Good afternoon everyone.
My Kohala longan loaded with flowers now, but there is no bee around. My neighbors all have colorful flowers in their yard, when my yard is full with longan, lychee, and mango trees. Seems like the bees are more attracted to the flowers.
The only insects around are ants, and sometimes lace wings.
Should i do something so the bees will come and pollinate my longan?
Does spray honey water help to attract more bees?

Thanks everyone!

Hello everyone,

My Indian friends always brag about this PK mango.
This mango is big, juicy with some fiber, excellent Indian mango taste, and the tree is productive.
We have been trying to graft this variety for more than 10 times, and all failed here in California.
My friend grafted more than 30 different varieties, and 95% took, only the PK never take.
We got the scions from Tropical Acres farm.
So I am hoping anyone can source this, or someone in Florida can help to do custom graft for this variety.
We suspect this variety requires fresh scion in order for the graft to take.
If anyone has this variety, or willing to custom graft it. The tree can be shipped to Arizona so we don't have phyto cert. issue.
Please let me know if anyone can help.
We will pay for the work, and we can pay upfront.

Thank you very much everyone.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Val Carrie in So-Cal, worth growing?
« on: March 29, 2021, 02:45:29 PM »
Hello everyone,

There is one last spot in my yard.
So far I have:
1. Sweet Tart
2. Peach Cobbler
3. Orange Sherbet
4. Sugarloaf
5. Venus
6. Kathy/K3
7. CAC
8. Son Pari
9. Dwarf Hawaiian
10. PPK / Lemon Meringue
11. Pickering
12. Golden Lady
13. M4
14. Honey Kiss -- 1 year old seedling
15. Unknown variety- taste coconutty & fiberless
16. Edgar

Most of my trees are still small, except for 3 that in bearing age.
So I want to get one last one (really), that is precocious, decent to good producer, with some different taste than what in the list.
Tropical acres farm website says that Val Carrie can taste like bubblegum.
How precocious is Val Carrie? Productivity?
Chris and Har have a video on Val Carrie that says Val Carrie can taste really delicious one year, and totally off the other year. Does it occur in Florida only, or here too?

Thank you very much!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Mun Khun Se Grafted Mango
« on: November 06, 2020, 12:57:23 AM »
Anyone has this for sale or know who sells it? The only online nursery that listed Mun Khun Se variety available is Top Tropicals, but I read in the forum that someone got a Mun Khun Se from TT that turned out to be a Pim Seng Mun.
I am really bad at grafting, spent $$ to buy budwoods and all failed.

Here is the problem:
I like green mango salad and it is hard to find a good quality green mango to buy.
We have limited space, and so far we have: Peach Cobbler, Triple Sec, Sweet Tart, Sugar Loaf, Orange Sherbet, Glenn, Honey Kiss, and a Super Julie is coming next year. Only Glenn has fruits this year, and it does not taste good unripe (hard to chew, bland).
I am the only one who likes green mango salad, the rest of my big family love sweet ripe mangoes. So I am trying to find one last mango tree to fit the need here. I watched several youtube mango tasting, and Bhram Kai Mea/ Pram Kai Mea seems fit, but some of my friends say Maha Chanok tastes good unripe (crunchy, a little sour, sweet) and fantastic when it ripes.
Anyone can chip in their thought?
CAC tastes fantastic ripes, but nobody know how it taste unripe.
Please share your experience here.
Thank you everyone!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Giant Peruvian Guava Air layering
« on: October 15, 2020, 02:26:32 AM »
Hello everyone,

Today I visited our rental property and found out that a seedling I planted as a Giant Peruvian guava 3 years ago bears fruit for the first time.
With tenant's permission I picked one ripe fruit (only 5 fruits on).
To my surprise, the fruit is unbelievably good. Very sweet with a hint of tart, creamy and soft but not mushy, and has a relatively small amount of seeds only.
I wished I took pictures before my husband devour it. It has yellowish white color, big  (about my fist's size), and a very pleasant guava aroma. Since this is only the first fruit, I imagine how good its fruit would be in a few years.
Now I want to get a tree for our own house.
The thing is, this tree was purchased as a seedling online, and I read a lot that a seedling guava does not always turn good.
Grafting is not an option, I am bad at grafting.
I watched a lot of videos on airlayering. However, all videos are from Asia.
Does anyone know what season is the best to airlayer guava in California?  The tree is still small (about 4 ft ), with about pencil size branches, should I wait until the tree is bigger for better result?
Thank you for any input!

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Anyone has tips on grafting guava? Please share.
« on: September 08, 2020, 04:39:04 AM »
My friend who has 30 years of experience on grafting fruit tree told me that guava and lychee are the toughest to graft.
I really want to multi graft my guava tree. It is a healthy Vietnamese giant, about 7 ft tall, has been 8 months in the ground. I want to graft Dolores and Jalisco to it.
My grafting experience so far is only white sapote and loquat with 95% success rate. Avocado with 10% success rate (part of the failure because of the heatwave).
If anyone have any helpful tips or tricks to increase the success rate, please kindly share here.
I will graft the scions onto the lateral branches. Possibly the green young ones since it will be easier to cut through.
Any thought will be highly appreciated.
Thank you everyone!

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WTB Anona Rosada Scion
« on: August 20, 2020, 05:42:04 PM »
Hi everyone,

I would like to purchase some Anona Rosada scions.
Preferably next year when the anonas are dormant here.
Thank you very much.

I apologize that what I offer is not a plant. Been asking around and no one want this hen.
It just came uninvited to our house about a month ago and makes it her home.
I don't have problem adopting her, but our home is already claimed by the neighbor's cats. So the poor chicken is chased around all day. I try to knock the neighbors' doors if their hen is missing. Nobody claim it.
If anyone interested, let me know.

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