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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Crispy Pink Guava
« Last post by Rispa on Today at 04:07:51 AM »
I have a Barbie Pink that is very tender when ripe... turns yellow on the exterior and very pink inside.


I saw some, but read that they weren't too flavorful, so I passed on buying one.
I purchased a pair of sacha inchi plants from Drstew, and both were in great shape and well taken care of. Definitely recommend this seller.
Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Growing Kwai Muk in Southern CA.
« Last post by palingkecil on Today at 03:34:58 AM »
I almost buy a tree! Have you ever tried to grow lakoocha instead?
I read that it is more cold hardy.
How about jackedak/nangkadak? They all supposed to taste similar.
Ah ok that makes sense as I never see it on the vine.  I should have realized.  Thanks so much!!
I ordered 3 of those, they are from another brand since i coudnt find the myller brand ones.
My thing will be suspended above the gh and will be able to catch the suns rays trought the day i will just have to find the right angle of the two pieces. I dont want to put it on the wall of the gh since the shady side is like 50 cm from the house's wall, which i believe provides some warmth.
Now i gust have to find a light enouth material as the base, wooden boards which i thought of in the first place will be too heavy and hard to assemble, maybe i'll use plexiglass ....
It's from the sun after the fruit falls.  Collect your fruits off the ground right after they fall and keep them in a shady spot.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: A theft on the horizon
« Last post by Plantinyum on Today at 01:31:21 AM »
Achetadomestica, well i think i see the reason  if they were caring for those fruit, were expecting to prolly do something worthwhile with them , they apparently felt bad enought to do it. The fruit per se werent stolen, they were picked green and trown away, they were wasted. It could have been a single episode of this, but they probably thought that it would happen again, or had happened before so they had enough of it and ended the trees. I would just have netted the trees or have put a fence around them...

Galatians522 thats a nice law they've got i georgia, most of the people there probably dont know it exist thought ? I see one could get in many arguments with strangers collecting the nuts....
I also have 2 pecans planted on the streets side but those are verry young still ,prolly 10 years till i get to the problem of having people harvesting them.
wow 🤣🤣 a nice movie and the scene is spot on the subject...

Rispa, ive had bad experience with just giving plants to people, that is grown up ones which can and should have cared for them. Well they just neglect them and left them to die. What about children, i really dont think its worth it. If someone asks me either about fruit or starter plants i will give them, i also sell quite alot of stuff so usually have small plants which could be bought , ive found with me that if i pay for something i feel the need to care for it.
Some random kids doing work on my plants ,no way ,i dont let my family care for my plants, like they dont want to but i would not let them if they did.

Ulfr, if they ask i will i wont be standing next to the nectarine and offering fruit to anyone that is passing and looking at it. Not a fruit but the exaple still applies, there were 2 kids that saw my garden pond and were looking trought the yards door, thwy politely asked me to check on it and i let them, showed them the frog, the goldfish, the waterfall. They were happy and entertained when they left, the point is if they want those peaches so bad they can ask and not try to steal, theres awlays someone at the yard.

CarolinaZone i dont know their parrents, and its still not a theft since they tried to just look thing up, i was there and prevented this but i know what they had in their mind. Yes i accept that everithing in arms reach trought the fence is succeptible to being harvested by someone, thats why i am keeping all the branches inside the yard. The blackberry on the fence i also keep from the inside, however when it gets to be bigger i will release it also on the outside, the thing is that an outside fruit drawws attention to the inside one.....

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I have tried something similar, and what works better than foil, and is way cheaper if you can get them, are the mylar "emergency blankets".  They are tough, large, very reflective, and usually easy to find. I mounted mine on the inside of the north wall of my greenhouse.  Worked well until some vines grew up and blocked the light from the mylar.

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