Author Topic: WTB rooted Jalisco red, Dolores,variegated guava, (open to other cultivars)  (Read 487 times)


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Currently I have
1 RubyXsupreme (pink)
3 Mexican cream (yellow (white))
1 Philippine Swirl (swirled white/pink inside)
1 White Indonesian (white)
1 Ka Hua Kula (pink, Hawaii commercial cultivar)
1 Bangkok Giant (crisp white)
1 Malaysian Red (red)
1 Bassateen El Sabahia (yellow (white), Egyptian commercial cultivar)
1 Barbie pink (pink)
While I think I知 over my buy every cultivar I can get my hands on phase I don稚 think I知 100% done with sourcing cultivars. I知 primarily looking for Jalisco red and Dolores since they keep popping up in all the threads talking about recommended types to try. Also looking for a variegated honeymoon guava if nothing else then to be ornamental next to my Malaysian Red.

While those are the main cultivars I知 looking for I知 potentially open to others if they feel like they offer something different enough from what I already have. I do like tart/sour so if there痴 a good tart guava that may be interesting.
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I'm looking for the same:  rooted Jalisco Red, Dolores, and Honeymoon.  There's also this one that a guy on FB made called, Gen2.

I picked up a Crystal from Sunshine nursery, an Egyptian White from a nice fella on FB (I think he's on here), an Emperor seeding from another nice fella on here, and a White Arabian from Clausen nursery.  These are all recent acquisitions and my introduction to guavas.


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Me too


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