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Aus. Blood Lime (aka Red Centre lime) Budwood

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Trade preferred for some interesting varieties! Doesn't have to be citrus, but if not, ones that will root well.

Sale for $15 for 4 sticks, $3 shipping

Note this is pretty thin budwood, as its very dwarf and bushy type, but an interesting variety not commonly sold in the states. Red Centre lime is not Australian red finger lime. They're round and smaller fruits getting a dark Burgundy color. I typically root these as cuttings and they do very well. I have three of those rooted now. The parent tree has fruited multiple times in the past and is currently blossoming.

same variety as this:

I'll buy this. Otherwise PM me and I can share a couple things of what  I could trade

Piss P:
PM sent

Hello do you still have cuttings for sale? I would like to graft some soon.

I can cut some if you’re interested. I also have some rooted cuttings as well. Send a pm.


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