Author Topic: Germinated seed sale... New Eugenia "El Choco", Illama, E. Langsdorfii  (Read 310 times)


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I have been traveling a bunch lately and seedlings (for sale soon) is taking up way too much space so I am trying something new and seeing if there is interest in paying a little more for germinated seeds.

I was able to source a new Eugenia from Colombia Pacific coast.
$75. Eugenia sp "El Choco"

The shrub has a wonderful ornamental growth and beautiful sweet fruit with some resinous to it. I only was able to get a few.

I also have some germinated Illama white and pink from El Paredon, Guatemala. $20
$20 Eugenia Langsdorfii from Brazil and a bunch of
$10 Garcina Intermedia from the Tikuna community in Colombia.


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