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Where would I buy scions for this?



--- Quote from: PDXIan on September 20, 2022, 11:31:28 AM ---Japan.

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I might be going next month but I wouldn't want to try to import(i.e. smuggle) a scion and I wouldn't even know where to go if I wanted too ;D Are there any sources in the US that I can buy it? I was wondering if the Dept. of Ag had a tissue database. Any help would be appreciated.

Hyuganatsu citrus is only available for a few weeks in the early to late spring when cultivated in outside orchards. The citrus is also grown on a small scale in greenhouses, producing fruits from the mid-winter to the early spring.

Today Hyuganatsu citrus is primarily grown in the Miyazaki Prefecture and is found through specialty distributors, roadside stands, and local markets. The citrus is also grown in other regions of Japan under the names Konatsu and Tosakonatsu

Info from Specialty Produce

Not sure if you could track down a fruit if you visit Japan ? Might still be available from coolroom storage ?

UC Riverside has it in their collection.
You would need to contact CCPP, convince them that it would be commercially viable. Get them to grow it out for a few years until it is disease free. Then get it.
I'm sure no one else in the US has it readily available.


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