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Looking for meyer lemon tree

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Hey guys anyone have a meyer lemon rooted cutting or something closer to flowering for sale? The wife found out lemonade made with meyer lemons wont give her a headache while normal lemons do. Sooooo now i guess iv gotta start growing em haha. Not really sure if it matters if its the improved version or not?

Hey I know my local big box stores sells impoved meyer lemons in treepots. I think they run like $20-$25 or so. I could stop by there and ship you out one. Not sure how well suited the rootstock would be for your area.

What an interesting observation!

The Improved is the same, just treated for Tristeza.

Thanks hammer i checked my stores after your message nothing left up here oolie has some cuttings i think i might try to root so depending how that goes i might contact you later haha. Thanks everyone for the help!

I believe every meyer lemon you will see is actually the Improved type even if not labelled as such, so I wouldn't may much attention to that


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