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My meiwa is mature at about 7 feet tall and wide on flying dragon roots. It produces heavily every year now. Since kumquat only supposed to be hardy to 20 degrees F, and l have to keep fruit to ripen on tree over winter into spring, I have to protect it from freezing as much as I can, so how low of a freeze it can survive is a moot point for me. I have a lot of potted meiwa seedlings a year old now that overwintered in the same cold frame with the grafted parent meiwa with no freeze damage with small 250 watt space heater to help mitigate temperature when below freezing.

Citradia that is a nice looking Meiwa.  Probably the only in ground mountain top Meiwa in the USA.

Citradia  Nice tree.  I see you have talent working with wood.  What do you use for the surfaces to keep the cold out.  I use old glass windows  screwed to a wood frame. 
I think it is important to have a cold hardy citrus tree even though the fruit has to be kept warm.  If your power goes you loose the fruit.  The tree lives to fruit another year.  All my fruits come in winter/spring too.

I use 4 mil plastic wrapped around three sides and stapled to frame. Fourth side facing south or east is a single sheet of plastic stapled to the horizontal roof board and other end stapled to a 2x4 that is rolled up and hung on hooks to ventilate on days above freezing. I have lost power in winter before and thatís why I put water barrels inside each enclosure for passive thermal protection and I also used my portable generator that I have plugged my drop cords into to keep some of the heaters going.


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