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Pearl Guava/Florida Pink - on sale on Weee

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Here's my quick taste test I did yesterday. I did get fresh Crystal fruits from Max and I think it tasted better than the Pearl guava.

Here's another neat guava on sale. This one is called Florida Pink guava.

It sounds more like the Crunchy Pink guava that the guy from Florida sells on ebay.

It is much more $$ than the Pearl guava but it is nice and crunchy, has about the same or less  amount of seeds. The taste is very similar to Pearl and Crystal seedless guava.. So if you haven't tasted the pink crunchy guava here's your chance to do so. I think for the $39 I got 4 Florida Pink guavas. I plan to germinate the seeds from both of these guava types.

I'll post some photos later, maybe if I can squeeze out any juice from it, I will take a brix reading.


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