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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Purple guava rot ☠️
« on: August 03, 2021, 04:56:06 PM »
Hi friends,
I was waiting on a huge Thai giant white guava that almost outgrew the mesh bag (as they always do) when I noticed that half the fruit was rotten. The fruit was away from soil, hanging high in a well aerated area. When I cut the fruit it was weirder than fiction... the rot was purple in color  😈  :o
Have you ever had this kind of rot? What could it be, and what could be the reason? This is the first time I see guava rot so drastically out of all my guava trees... hope it won't spread....

We had a delicious tasting Bangkok Lemon jackfruit from forum member Brandon today and have a lot of seeds available.
10 seeds for $10 plus shipping First class USPS $4. Seeds will be in vermiculite and ziploc bag, they are fresh and may germinate on the way :) . No international shipping. Please PM me for details and payment.

I have limited quantity of Guillermo llama scions for sale. Some Lisa atemoya scions are also available in limited quantities. The scions size vary from 1/4 to 1/2 size, no scions will be smaller than that unless they are extras. Scions will be pruned on Monday and Tuesday, wrapped in buddy tape and shipped the same day.
Price - $5 per scion for Guillermo and $4 per scion for Lisa. 
Minimum order 4 scions (can mix the two), priority shipping small box $8 flat.

If i don't respond to your message within 24 hrs, most likely message didn't come through and either message me again or write to me at .

preferably local trades, but shipping is fine, too.
Vicia villosa, or hairy vetch.


3g+ trees are local pickup only in North Miami Beach, FL;

1g and 4inch pot trees can be shipped to the states that allow. As a buyer, please research this before you claim or pay for any plants. We do not have any specific certificates, we grow our seedlings in 4inch and 1g pots in perlite, vermiculite, coco coir and peat moss mix, "extreme blend" and inoculated with root promoting bacteria, mycorrhizae & trichoderma. We do not spray any chemicals on or near any of our plants for the love of bees and butterflies. No synthetics ever.

Once we ship the plant we are not responsible for postal delays and screw-ups. Postal services have included insurance on most packages and it will be upon you to collect that. Shipping cost will be determined by weight, or a flat rate box if that's optimal. If the price is by weight, we'll update you the day before shipping.

Payment means the plant is reserved and off the list, otherwise first come-first serve, no reservations. If you want to pay and pick up later we can keep the plant for a few days for you. Paypal as 'friends & family' or cash only, please check the "friends and family" option as Paypal suggests otherwise and will charge a 3% fee. PM for any other details.

If you want more pictures of a certain plant please message me.

All proceeds go to our non-profit meditation garden and educational channel, please be kind :)

1. Miracle fruit seedlings
Price - $15

2. Lemondrop mangosteen seedlings
Price - $15

3. Jamun seedlings - sweet variety with some astringency reminiscent to me of grimal jaboticaba
Price - $15

4. Jackfruit seedlings - Bangkok Lemon and Mai-3 variety
some smaller 1g are available,  mostly 3gallon
Price- $15 for 1g , $25 for 3g

5. Elderberry rooted cuttings
In 1g pots
Price - $10

6. Giloy vine - Tinospora Cordifolia or Guduchi ("the ultimate immunity booster" used widely in ayurveda), 1gal $20

7. Na Dai sugar apple seedlings in 4 inch pot,  8 inch tall.
Price - $12

8. White coco plum seedlings, in 4inch pot
Price - $12


We love all these trees/varieties and bought or propagated them at some point in the past, but have no space in the garden for all of them any longer, so I created many multigrafted trees and the rest is for sale now. I do not spray pesticides or use synthetic fertilizers, no systemics have ever been used on these plants. Grown organically, inoculated with 25+ mycorrhizae and trichoderma.
3g, 7g and 15g trees are local pickup only in North Miami Beach, FL; 1g and 4inch pot trees can be shipped, 2-3 of 4-in or 1 of 1g fit in a usps priority shoebox, calculated by weight, about 3+lbs or tall medium flat rate priority (3 4-in plants, doesn't fit 1g pots). Make me want to travel to the post office ☺ . We pack with care and securely.
We also save seeds of pretty much everything we grow, ask me what we have.
Payment means the plant is reserved and off the list, otherwise first come-first serve, no reservations. If you want to pay and pick up later we can keep the plant for a few days for you. Paypal or cash only, PM for all the details.

Can also trade for tamarillo seeds or plant.

1g trees/seedlings

White sapote seedlings- $10 each- have many for shipping- these are McDill seedlings we kept for grafting. They are growing fast and are over 1ft tall and will soon not be able to fit in shipping box for shipping. So this is for out of state friends who want to graft other varieties.

Elderberry - a very important plant during the pandemic! - propagated by root suckers from a producing tree

Jackfruit Bangkok Lemon seedlings - in 1g pots - $15 each

Jackfruit Mai-3 seedling - 1g  and 4inch pot seedlings - $15 each

Peanut butter tree seedling - $10 each

Java Plum/Jamun - 20 seedlings in 4inch pot- $10 each

Java Plum seedlings grow very fast and can grow well in up to 9A zone in my experience, if it was not for a big tree this would excel jaboticabas in taste, to me the taste is more complex plus tons of medicinal properties. The tree will take 6-7 yrs to bear fruit from seedling, will still take 5-6 yrs if grafted.

Black surinam cherry seedling in 4inch pot - $10 each

Pitomba seedlings in 4inch pot - $15

7g trees

Tart tamarind - $35

Chinese Godess Bamboo (Bambusa multiplex riviereorum) -have 4 of these for perfect hedge, they grow up to 10ft and become bushy - $50

An ultra dwarf bamboo Pogonatherum paniceum or Panda grass that grows like a cloud and is perfect for hiding ugly spots in the garden. Clumping, will not take over. First photo is of the mature plant, doesn't grow taller than that. Tolerates light frost. The 2nd plant is for sale (the garden fork is for size comparison) in a 10g grow bag- $45, I have a small baby plant ready for shipping also -$15.


Natal Plum- crawling variety, very ornamental tropical looking foliage, fragrant white flowers and edible fruit. Never gets deficient even in poor soils - $15

Mysore Banana pup - one of my best tasting bananas- $10

Permaculture and pollinator attractant plants.
I don't think an organic sustainable fruit orchard can thrive and fight with pests without the pollinators and companion planting. These are plants that we grow ourselves in our organic garden. These plants are in 4in, 6in, 1g pot and are anywhere from $5 to $10 each.
- Katuk - plant protein powerhouse
 - Alternanthera brasiliana or Brazilian purple joyweed - a beautiful dark purple low bushy plant that is hassle free to grow, perfect for a lazy gardener like me. It is very ornamental and has pretty flowers that look like stars in the dusk, but it is edible cooked in curries, has antiviral properties and is good for herbivorous pets.

- Lippia alba - research has been done about its antidepressant and sleep enhancing qualities. Very pleasant minty taste for a great cup of night time tea
-Cranberry Hibiscus - another beautiful looking small bushy plant that can add beauty to your garden. Plus, the leaves are edible and are high in vitamins B3 (niacin), B2, A and C. It is high in protein and is an excellent source of antioxidants and anthocyanins. Please cook the leaves/boil to remove oxalate as you do for all brassicas like kale. Has beautiful dark maroon flowers that attract pollinators.
-2 varieties of coleus that grow very ornamentally and attract millions of bees - variegated and chartreuse. Bees' favorite flowers during summer months that require virtually no care.
-Red ixora - attracts tons of butterflies and other pollinators
-Lavender firespike - attracts butterflies and hummingbirds
-Epazote - highly medicinal plant that is said to have strong anti-cancer properties; cook it with beans, and you won't have gas :)
- Everglades tomato - native Florida cherry tomato that has done very well here in South FL without special care. Self seeds easily if you allow some fruit to fall onto the ground. (seeds only at this time, until next season)
- Native ground cherry - Physalis walteri - edible fruit, fruits fast like a tomatillo. Grows perfectly well in sandy soil.
- White hummingbird tree - the entire plant is edible: leaves, pods, beans, flowers, plus it is a nitrogen fixer. Beautiful canopy tree, gets to about 15-20ft in height.

- Permaculture starter kit - 6 very important starter plants. Everglades tomato, Cuban oregano, aloe vera, African potato mint, Surinam(e) spinach and Okinawan spinach. $10 for all. Can create other starter kits upon request.

Many more plants if you visit in person! A thoughtful selection of rare perennial edibles, carefree ornamentals, and a combination of both:) and of course fruit trees.
Would love to meet you all fruit growers in person and share how we are growing our food forests.


We have been visiting forum members in South Florida and getting to learn a lot from their experiences of growing a food forest. Most of the forum friends have been very welcoming and kind to invite us, show us around their garden, explain their struggles starting the food forest and the difficulties encountered over the years, and their glorious victories alike. The trips have been informative as well as fun as we get to enjoy an exciting conversation, tastiest fruits and see trees we have not seen before, but most importantly, we love the connection we make with the forum friends and end up with the feeling like we are a family of gardeners.

Here is our amateur video highlighting some interesting aspects of pineislander's (Jay Reynolds') Treehouse permaculture farm, a food forest in Pine Island, FL that we've been following for a while. Enjoy!

Citrus Buy, Sell, & Trade / Best place to buy citrus trees in South FL?
« on: September 12, 2020, 07:58:15 PM »
Hi friends,
i am looking for citrus varieties that are relatively resistant to citrus greening. Have heard good about kumquat, finger lime and sugar belle mandarin so far. Any tips on where i can drive to pickup, anywhere from Homestead to West palm Beach will be good. I am looking for 1g or 3g plants.

As the title mentions i am looking for Pantin mamey sapote scions and Whitman fiberless soursop scions to graft onto my seedling trees. Preferably 4-5 scions each. Can buy or trade with mango/avocado/mulberry scions.
Thank you.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Goji berry dropping flowers?
« on: August 31, 2020, 11:03:11 AM »
We bought a thriving goji berry plant from Echo a couple of weeks ago, it had lots of flowers and continued blooming when we brought it in. Was kept in dappled shade/morning sun and regularly watered and in the same pot we brought the plant in. Was probably fertilized by Echo before so we did not give any fertilizers. It dropped all the flowers, even the ones that opened here already after bringing in - some leaves, too. What happened? Do they grow in zone 10b? Any suggestions from experienced growers?

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