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American beach plum (Prunus maritima)

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Hello all,

I've been interested in the American Beach plums (Prunus maritima) since I first read about it on the book " Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden" where Lee Reich seems very found of this species... but I never found or knew anyone growing this species in Europe so far...

I would like to know other opinions on this species ... does it really worth growing?... are the fruits good?... Is anyone here growing some selected varieties of this species ?... are they different enough compared to other common plums to deserve growing?... I know that they have smaller fruits compared to normal "Prunus domestica" plums but I do not see it as negative as I would like to have smaller plums on my collection...

Anyone here interested in trade some cuttings/scions of this species?... I have several plum rootstocks ready to be grafted I now it's time to do it...
I can trade for myrtaceae seeds or any other stuff I have... please PM if interested...thanks in advance...

I remember reading also about an even smaller American prunus fruit... Western sand cherry... Prunus besseyi is the name... any comments on this one are most welcome too.

I'm unsure if you are searching for this plant from scions only, or are you willing to order via mail. However there's a italian nursery which keeps it in stock, and i do think they ship.

Buongiorno Pancrazio

Thank you for your answer... Can you please give me the name of that Italian nursery?... do you know if they have any selected varieties for sale?...or just seed issued plants?

Are you growing this species?

if possible I prefer to trade but I don't mind to buy if prices and postage costs are acceptable.

But I still wonder: aren't any US forum members growing the "American beach plum"?

Thanks again!

Here you are:
They do ship in Europe.
I'm not affiliated to this nursery in any way neither i have ever bought from them. Neither i have this plant. But I'm glad i have helped!

Thanks Pancrazio,

I've checked that website and those seem to be seed issued plants and from what I read they are not always good... so I prefer to start with some selected varieties if I ever can find those... moreover they had only one plant and I seem to remember reading that this species needs "two to dance"...

The search continues... anybody else can help me?

Thanks in advance


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