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We had a couple cool nights in November, enough to confuse my baby Florda Prince peach tree into fruiting.

If a mamey hits you in the head, is that a natural hazard, or an attractive nuisance?

Did you take out that other mamey tree that never fruited?

Having the mamey right outside the door is smart, easy to check when ripe and easy to release the hounds should you need to.

nice trees,

Better to bump heads with a mamey than a needle sharp spiky durian! There is a youtube video of a guy mowing the lawn on a rider mower and he hits his head on a durian. He's bleeding everywhere, calls the ambulance, but before it comes he rushes into the house to take photos of himself and the bloody durian!

Nice pics. I am impressed. Now I really have to go out and get some low chill peaches. Don't know if I will live long enough to start mamey. I just eat them when I go to Homestead...all those fruit stands along Krome Ave.



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