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My name is Hunter, I am 23 years old and have been collecting for the last 5+ years, Im growing over 150 trees in ground of all exotic fruits primarily. I am growing in Central Florida on a 6 acre plot that used to be an orange grove, now converted to a tropical fruit grove. My recent greenhouse has allowed me to cultivate more rare species in their adolescent stages, the fruit community is full of wonderful people and I am glad to be apart of it. My instagram is @exoticfruithunter


Steve fam:
Hi,I'm new member. I live in sw florida,  Englewood. I have my yard is all fruit trees. Growing for 4 to 5 years now. Dome are doing good,some not so good. Recent hurricane and cold weather having affect on them. I would like to share Growing info and help with others in my area. 10A  Englewood

my name is River and I live in south florida 10b east coast with a big old mango tree (probably haden seedling from the 60s) and many small potted citrus plants i got on clearance from lowes recently. however, my true fixation is passion fruit. I go so crazy for passion fruit you would think these plants were helping old ladies cross the street, cleaning my house, and raising my credit score. i am a baby duck in an oil spill and passion fruit is my dawn dish soap. Decided to join after lurking for a while to finally get in touch with some people who also love this stuff and maybe get some new plants/seeds!

Seeds of Malta:
I'm from Malta, Europe and I love growing plants from seeds and cuttings, especially rare ones.
My hobby led me to starting my online seed business. There's not many fruit seeds but I'm always searching for new opportunities and very hopeful it will become a full time job and bring some profit ;D.
You can visit my Facebook page
Wish you all the best in whatever your dreams and goals are:)

Hello y'all! I am from North San Diego County, California, Zone 10a. I love trying exotic fruits, and I especially like trying to grow them. Although my username is JackfruitChan2, my favorite fruits are in the annonaceae family. I grow several fruits such as Wax apple "Thai Jumbo", Yuzu, Finger Lime, Calamansi, Oroblanco, Buddha's Hand, Kumquat "Nagami" and "Meiwa", Lemons, Jaboticaba, Surinam Cherry, Strawberry Guava, Lemon Guava, Pineapple Guava, Bananas "Apple" and some other unknown variety, Cherimoya, Sugar Apple "Na Dai", Soursop, Achacha, Figs "Little Miss Figgy" and "Kadota", Dragonfruit, Coffee, and Passionfruit. A lot of these plants are very young or are grown from seed, so none but the citrus are fruiting yet. I hope to learn more about fruit and I hope to grow more too! :)


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