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Greg A:
Maybe first we can share which varieties we have in our yards?

Currently, I've got Reed, Lamb, Pinkerton, Holiday, Sharwil, Hass, Sirprize, and Fuerte.

Some of them I've deliberately planted in pairs, for example this Reed/Lamb pair at 7.5 feet apart:

And this Hass/Sirprize pair at 7.5 feet apart:

CA Hockey:
Mine are all in pots and boxes but after almost 7 years I will finally get to out them in the ground this year (along with about 150 other trees).

I have:
Sharwil x 3, one in dusa rootstock
Jan Boyce
Green gold
Sir prize
Lamb hass
Oro negro
Carmen x 2

I lost the following:
Jim bacon (great pollinator, worth getting a 5 gallon and just moving the pot around to which we tree needs pollinating, has kids of both types of flowers at midday)
Mexicola grande

I e hear mixed reviews on duke and haven't pursued it. Other than oro negro which I got from Florida, not sure of any of the Florida avocados or other Hawaiian types would make a welcome addition on a mitigradted tree (think I'm done with single avocado trees for now)

Greg A:
Why pots? And how do you keep avocados happy in pots long term considering So. Calif.'s salty water?

Do you have any multi-graft avos now? Hard to keep them balanced? I've always thought of trying one.

CA Hockey:
Pots because I started while in school living in apartments with limited backyard space and knowing I would have to move every few years.

I do get some salt burn on leaves but not too bad. Always thought it was a mix of water and aggressive fertilizing. When I backed off and started using more time release stuff the salt burn improved. I hardly get tip burn now and when I see it it's usually after a particularly hot day. The Hardest part of growing the avocados in pots  is the trunk burn in summer. I lost 2 feet from my sir prize last year and about a foot from  my Pinkerton . Both are much bushier now and growing like crazy but this year my sharwil in 15 gallon and about 7 feet tall lost most of its leaves and had significant burning about a month ago. Starting to push more leaves out now. Nabal  is growing slowly this year after painting the bark last year but no burn. Holiday I pruned too aggressively last year and this year looks like a poodle with fluffy segments of growth.
That's how I lost my other trees - bad burns in the summer.

I don't have any multigrafted avocados at this point but tried my hand earlier this year. Only graft that took was an Ardith and that died after the first flush. I think I'm satisfied with what I have otherwise and am now looking forward to putting them all in the ground. The house we bought has a 10 year old hass tree that looks pretty healthy with minimal fuss compared to what I used to with the potted trees. Only thing that is better with the pots is fertilizing - much easier to do with pots and a lot easier on my knees :-).

Mark in Texas:
That's a helluva collection CA Hockey.

Frankencado grafted last year - Pinkerton, Ardith, Sir Prize, Holiday.  Other trees in bottomless RootBuilder pots - Reed, Gwen, Oro Negro.  Lost my Sharwil.  Grafted all trees except for the Oro Negro.

Sir Prize - is it supposed to be this bumpy?  Spaugh's SP taken a few days ago has a smooth skin.

Grafted Reed is getting some size and bears well - about 9' H X 12' W.  I topped and it turned out screwy with a football goal shape, big hole in the middle.  Am trying to fill it in with a branch.

Last of the Reeds.  Been giving them away, eating them since May.   What an excellent fruit!


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