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Atemoya pruning advise, newly planted Geffner

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This Geffner Atemoya on Squamosa rootstock,  was planted about 6 weeks ago, full sun. Is growing well,  continues to push new growth. It is on my avocados fertigation program since I have not had time to isolate it, but seems to like it.  The tree is 6 feet tall now, as the picture shows one single branch with no intention of branching.  My question is: Do I top it now at 4 feet from the ground or do I let it go dormant (if it ever does, my avocados donít ) and prune it in February or March?  Pros and cons of doing one or the other.

Wrote a bunch but this new forum wiped out when I clicked Post.

Short answer is prune in spring.


Here is what they recommend for commercial growers in Australia.

I would cut that off right about 2f high and strip the top few leaves to get some branches going.  Its not too late to prune, ive been tipping new cherimoya and atemoyas all summer and still doing them now. 


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