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Asian Persimmon - this season crops

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I just finished picking most of my persimmons, even dehydrated some and it tastes very good.
I like the non-astringent varieties more than the soft astringent ones.

That matsumoto looks amazing!!!! How was its sweetness?

I'm use to eating the hard/crunchy non-astringent varieties. But the Matsumoto will hang on the tree until the fruit color looks translucent and soft. The ones I let get soft were very sweet but I eat most of my fruits hard. The Saijo is an astringent variety so it can be picked firm, then needs to be left on the counter to get soft before you eat it. It is very sweet, maybe the best one if you like soft persimmons. I just grafted some Saijo on my mult-grafted tree.

Those look so yummy,  i had fuyu fruit from my plant this year and they were exelent. I also like much more the types that can be eaten hard, i ate my fuyus hard and probably should have let them ripen more on the tree....

Dried persimmon is something i will do someday when i buy me a dehidrator....

When you dehydrate the fuyu it will taste 2x as sweet and it will keep for a longer time (up to 2month in air-tight bag).


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