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Plum varieties for Zone 9?

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Can you share your best varieties of plum trees for zone 8 or 9?
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I'm in 9b.  Beauty, Scarlett, Scarlett beauty, green gage, Shiro, methely.   Also, from website mail order natives, I ordered 2 prunus augustifolium, Odom and Guthrie.  They are tasty and do fantastic at my house.

Great topic! I have a thread looking for Gulf Series plum scion wood. We grew all of them except Gulf Rose here in Florida 9b at one point in the past 30 years. Gulf Gold and Gulf Ruby were the best flavored, but the trees got diseases and were not long lived. Gulf Beauty was my least favorite, but Gulf Blaze was good. Scarlet Beauty is the only one that is self fertile and is the best adapted to my area. It was developed by a man in Wachula not by the University of Florida so it may bloom too early in your zone. I have not tasted them, but Robusto and Byron Gold might be good for you to check out as well. Anything with native genetics seems better adapted and less prone to disease. Bruce, Guthrie, Odoham, Excelsior, Hypauxlo, etc. are native plum selections/hybrids that have a reputation for being very disease resistant. I am growing Guthrie at the moment--if it blooms well in the next 4-5 years, I will give some of the others a try.

Burgundy plum has beautiful deep wine red colored sweet flesh and the skin has no tartness, has berry flavors.  Flavor Grenade is a plum, apricot hybrid that is one of the best tasting fruits with great texture.


The flavor king tastes really good to me.  It tastes like a plum but better.  I had a beauty plum and top worked it with flavor king. 


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