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Evil weevils

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Looks like Sri Lanka variety eating my mango & citrus tree leaves.
I never saw them till a couple yrs ago.
Besides Bifenthrin, any other treatments ya'll have success with?
I haven't sprayed anything yet, will try the Bifenthrin at 1/4 oz/gal if nothing else works.


Isn't the damage considered only cosmetic?

I think the real damage is girdling to the roots. There are a couple people selling predatory nematodes that kill the larvae. They attack Sri Lanken, Diaprepes, and other weevils. The live nematodes are applied through the microjet irrigation system. One of the local citrus guys (who also sells the nematodes) showed me some of the trees that he had dug up to use as examples. You could see where the weevil damage had started to heal back over after he applied the nematodes. The biggest downside I see is that the smallest incriment they sell them in is enough for 10 acres. Maybe you could get several other people together and do a group buy? One up side is that the nematodes will stick around in the soil as long as there are larvae for them to eat, so its more of a long term solution. You may want to check the rate on the bifenthrine label. I thought it was higher than 1/4 oz per gallon. However, I mostly use it for ants.

I used to go around with a cup filled with soapy water and drop them in one-by-one. More recently I introduced them to my chickens, who decided they were tasty. Since then, I can't recall the last time I've seen any in the yard. The chickens are tearing everything up, but they're definitely eating some pests.

Nematodes & chickens oh my!  :)
Googled nematodes, i have to digest that one a while.  They're tiny.
Chickens would be cool if i had extra time on my hands & ate eggs more often.
Bifenthrin yes 1oz/gal but i'd feel safer 1/4 that.  It's likely used on everything non-organic but i'd feel better using less on food trees.  1oz for ants around house outside yes sir.
Spinosad- haven't tried yet, have it, didn't work very well on citrus leaf minors, only tried once.
Neem oil- looks great on trees at first, but (for me) starts looking dirty for the rest of its life on tree.



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