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Evil weevils

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--- Quote from: EddieF on December 08, 2022, 10:08:10 AM ---Appreciate everyones input.
Galatians522, i see there's a few different kinds of Nematodes.  They look to be worth trying.  Know which one  to get?


--- End quote ---

Mike is probably right, but I am not an expert in this.
However, I know someone who is. David Stephens with Southeast Ag Solutions LLC. He is the one who told me about the nematodes to begin with. You can shoot him an e-mail and he should be able to tell you all about it. The e-mail is off the business card that he gave me.

I think they also have a website where you mightvbe able to get some information.

Thank you, i visited website, emailed David & he replied quick.
Tomorrow i'll try taking photo of one for him.  Leaf notcher or sri lanka.
I see how nematodes would be better then Bifen spray if roots are getting munched on.
Light spray of Bifen would stop leaf munching quick though.


Not good.  Wondering if weevils eating roots is why my mango trees & 2 citrus didn't take off & some paused for a year & 3 of them at the moment aren't growing much.

They are sri lanka, info on them here..

I'll lightly spray tomorrow, tempted to drench 3 trees & let them hold 1 fruit each if they produce, still young anyway.  Looks like we all need to rid these things or am i getting too anxious?


Yes, they are a problem. And control is complicated by the unusual lifecycle. I have heard people say that you can keep the larva from pupating by placin thick black plastic ground cover under the tree. Supposedly it keeps them from being able to burrow into the ground.


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