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Where to get a "chocolate" persimmon in Florida?


The title says it all. A few years ago I bought a bare root chocolate (Diospyros nigra) and it was DOA. I tried to revive it but no dice.

So, I understand the Diospyros nigra is a USDA 7,8,9,10 and 11 and I'd like one, but only if withing driving range of south Florida. Does anyone know of someone who has them in stock?


Sent you a PM.

- Dan

It's a bit confusing because there are both the black sapote, as well as a diospyros kaki which is named chocolate. I have the Kaki, but not the black sapote. The Kaki should be good well into zone 7, I doubt the black sapote is, I've never seen one go dormant.


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