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Ripening red malaysian guava


Nick C:
I have a few fruit on my tree right now and trying to time the ripening of the fruit. Any tell-tale signs to look out for? Are these a hard crunchy variety or softer?

This is a soft variety. However, you do not want to eat it when it soft. It has strong fragrance which is good but a soft fruit can taste  bland. Most of the time it is best to eat with mature hard fruits.  Do you have photos of other fruits on your tree ?  the one you show here may be still young to pick.

Nick C:
Heres some more on the tree. The original pic is of the largest fruit on there right now

The top 3 small fruits which the left and the right fruit has dark in color. You can wait for little more time when it shows some red dots then you can pick one and try it to see if it is the right taste for you. If not, then let other fruits stay on the tree longer.   Due to cold weather fruit may not developed in size when weather is drop below 45*F.  When it turns to full peachy color and soft then it is too ripe. Your tree has good number of fruits to try for test taste. Have Fun. 


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