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Hapa Joe and WildLandPlants taste report Duguetia stenantha, Plinia Clausa, sapo

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We have internet for the night before we head back into the jungle. Uploaded some taste reports.
Duguetia stenatha

Hapa Joe and WildLandPlants meet for the first time in Colombia. Boy do I have a surprise for him.

FV Fruit Freak:
Thanks for the taste report :) Canít wait to see what other treasures you find in the jungles! Looking forward to that seed drop and hope you guys are having a great trip ✌🏽

Hey Joe! Thanks for posting these videos, you and Nate are living out many of our dreams. Ya'll are taking this nomadic fruit hunter-gatherer thing to a whole nutha level! Bring back some good ones!

Fruit gonads , I mean nomads  8)
Got to live it up while we are here.
Thanks for the hunt, keep gathering up those endangered fruits and sharing them seeds around.
Truly honor able.

Thanks! It's not as glamorous as it sounds as we are poor farmers and explorers but we make do. Hoping to share the passion and get more people to try and grow these fruit.


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