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Hapa Joe and WildLandPlants taste report Duguetia stenantha, Plinia Clausa, sapo

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I kinda get it. I been building up a planting and cabin on the Big I for some years and since I go a few times a year conversation is always “ how was vacation in Hawaii” or whatever. I think it’s hard for people to understand I worked like a dog the whole time , dirty and bit up, never saw the beach except to “shower” and went to sleep at 7 every night because there is no power or running water . And I love it. Grew up in the bush and prefer being in the bush, or at the beach. Normcore people trying so hard to fit into this consumerism society will never understand and that is fine by me. It makes the filter to real friends doing real things easier.
People are afraid to do what your doing. Living , with incredible memories and stories along the way.

Bush I agree completely. There's an incredible amount of work involved -- and money invested. It's a business and I don't think any of these super valuable seed sellers should apologize for their price,  Not to mention.. plant a seed and make your money back. Your money doesn't rot in the soil, it grows to be much more than that initial seed investment. just my two cents

I have everyday friends that I talk about my fruit hobby with sometimes, and I think you nailed it. Friends love that you're passionate about something, doesn't matter what it is; they just appreciate you shining a bit of light on your craft. Those are the friends you share your abius with : )

Bush and Tru. So true my friends. Doesn’t really bother me. I just continue to share my message. Thanks for the kind words and support. Working with some local explorers and have some really amazing stuff coming :) this year is going to go off for us fruit nerds.

Really appreciate what you do Joe! If there's any room for another person to go on an expedition, I'd love to go in the future!


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