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Update on my durians

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Received my latest...Indo Red or Durian Lai.  Deep yellow/tumeric colored flesh.  Lindsay says this is a hybrid of kutejensis.

I did multi-rootstock grafting on my first two durians.  Couldn't find any seedlings at the time and ended up using monthong trees.  This first tree did great.  All three seedling grafts healed up nicely.

Durian #2.  Unfortunately, two of the three grafts failed.  You can see the site in the middle of the pic.  A real bummer after seeing the slam dunk success on the first one.

Durian #2.  Luckily, the two seedlings were still viable after cutting down quite a ways.  I was able to regraft them lower down on the trunk and so far, it looks like they are both healing up well.

I'm enjoying the grafting.  Not only useful/beneficial for the tree, it keeps me busy over here!

fruit nerd:
Nice. How did you get the Durian Lai? I don't think that is available in Australia.

Tons of sellers on Lazada and Shopee offering this up.  Malaysia has much more diversity to offer, but it can be difficult to get things into Thailand.  The issue I have with them all is that they post pics of the red graveolens and describe the flesh as red also.  All of the pics are nearly the same for every ad.  Lindsay says that the majority are pics off of her site.  I got mine from a guy Lindsay knows well and has often visited.  She said she really enjoyed this durian.  According to her experience over here, deep oranges/yellows are often referred to as red.  However, there is a huge difference between that lipstick red of graveolens these folks advertise and what you see in the pics below from the guy's Facebook page.  This variety is supposed to be more tolerant of wet feet than normal durian.  We'll see...cause I'm not going to put in the amount of work I've had done, and done myself, preparing for large mounds for the first two trees. 

Are you growing these in Ohio? If so what's your setup like? Whatever good luck!

Left Ohio.  We're in Thailand now.


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