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Campomanesia macrobracteolata flowering

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--- Quote from: elouicious on February 03, 2023, 03:36:46 PM ---Is that confirmed K-rimes?

Can't imagine anyone has gotten those seeds to flower yet

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Everyone who has seen mine and has macro say it's the right look. I have one that is about to blast off. Pencil size trunk and just defoliated in preparation for a monster flush... Full of vegetative buds. The only thing I don't like about campos is they are fragile and I decapitate them or break branches off when I walk by in the greenhouse. Clearly the answer is just bigger greenhouse.


--- Quote from: K-Rimes on February 03, 2023, 12:10:41 PM ---I've got xanthocarpa, macrobracteolata, guazumifolia, hirsuta and schlechtendaliana. If others come up, it's on. I am really interested in them. First year leaving them out to suffer the cold and they're champions. Assuredly they'll defoliate but they're not getting damaged beyond leaves.

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I have xanthocarpa and malifolia out getting frosted. The xanthocarpa has almost all of its leaves, only slightly damaged. I had at least one other I gave away. I think it was somewhat less evergreen, but it was also in a worse pot. Malifolia only has maybe 20% of its leaves, and they're more yellow. 7 month old guazumifolia seedlings are protected from frost but not cold, look great and are slowly growing still. I planted rufa seeds a few months ago, but don't have much hope for those. They came sprouted, and died back to the ground after planting. The guazumifolia took about a year to come up IIRC though so it's possible. My only issue is they're getting too big to not go in the ground.


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