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Would GOOD sugar apple seeds float??

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I also have noticed that seeds that float germinate
I like to put annona seeds in between damp paper towels
in a baggie. Change the paper towel every 2-3 days and
let the seeds germinate before I plant. I have also left the
seeds in damp vermiculite in a baggie and wait for them
to germinate.

Think I'll try the paper towel thing.

My Chaffey seeds, wrapped with damp paper towel, stayed pristine for a month inside a ziplock bag.
The seeds germinated after 3 months in this condition.
Only change paper towels twice.

My other cherimoya seeds covered with fungus after a few days.
Observe for fungus and change paper towels as needed.

Just FWIW . . .

I did the paper towel / ziploc baggie thing with some sugarapple seeds, but moistened the seeds and toweling using diluted 3% H2O2 to gently sterilize the seeds and kill any mold spores.  (The peroxide breaks down quickly, leaving behind only water.) 

Seemed to work fine and my seeds germinated without having to change the paper toweling.

Paul M.

Yeah, hydrogen peroxide is my best friend!


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