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how to germinate Annona crassifolia aka crassiflora

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Hi! I have bought some Annona crassifolia seeds from and have tried to germinate them. Previously, i ordered 3 seeds of Annona crassifolia from tradewindsfruit but they were seized at the Greek post office so i lost them and wasted the price. That is not fair, because seeds from tradewindsfruit are sanitized and they pose no danger whatsoever, but they fell to the wrong hands and i cannot help with it. In the past i had received from tradewindsfruit, and even now others receive here; it depends on who will be the clerk at the customs house, and we have no way to find that out.
Now i have the seeds from rarepalmseeds, but rarepalmseeds has a bad habit of keeping their seeds until sold out, so you often buy old seeds. Now, Annona crassifolia seeds have a reputation of being hard to germinate, and in fact none of them has germinated so far. I asked the seller at rarepalmseeds and even they don't know about sprouting Annona crassifolia - they only buy and resell, they advised me to ask at a forum - that is HERE. Has anyone here sprouted Annona crassifolia? Your advice please! The fact that the seeds are difficult to germinate may also mean that the seeds are durable over long time, so it would not be too bad if they sell old seeds in this case - however some other Annonas like Annona montana have short-lived seeds. Anyway, nobody knows better than experience. Waiting for information, thank you!
Also, information on pollination of Annona crassifolia would be much appreciated.

Seeds of Annona crassiflora and A coriacea from Brazilian cerrado are very difficult to germinate, they need to be treated with a solution of gibberellic acid in water at 1000 ppm for one or two days. There are several published references about the germination of these species, which can be downloaded from the internet, although most are in Portuguese, you can translate with the translator or something similar. The seeds have morphological dormancy and need this type of treatment for embryo maturation and germination. As for pollination, it is mainly carried out by Scarabeideae Dinastinae, they are large beetles that, attracted by the smell and temperature, spend time inside the flowers, which are relatively large. In Greece I think you would have to pollinate manually, although I don't know if that's possible.

humid (NOT wet) vermiculite in a bag, inside of something that blocks light, by a window

I think annonas in general are viable for a very long time, I watched a youtube video of someone germinating 3 year old cherimoya seeds with no problem. Granted these seeds were stored correctly and not left to dry out so results may vary... but don't give up!

thank you Jal and tru! I have vermiculite but not gibberellic acid, i must search to buy.
tru, i suppose "by a window" means a source of warmth, not light, since you say "inside of something that blocks light".


--- Quote from: Jal on March 23, 2023, 12:14:12 PM ---they need to be treated with a solution of gibberellic acid in water at 1000 ppm for one or two days.
--- End quote ---
As i m not familiar with gibberellic acid solutions, if the solution contains too little GA, i suppose it will not work. If the solution is too dense in GA, will that be bad for the seeds?
This sachet here contains one gram of GA; i dilute it in alcohol, then to how much water to make the seeds germinate?


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