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Hey All-

I wanted to use this thread to document another hair brained idea- turning the excess macroalgae from my coral reef fish tank into a "seaweed" fertilizer. I do not recommend this for people to try- I am concerned about the salt levels and very likely will kill some plants before dialing this in, but currently this is a waste product for me that I would like to try to recycle back into my system rather than throwing away.

I have a 110 gallon reef that is a split style tank with the bottom functioning primarily as a refugium for said macroalgae and various invertebrates. Here is the main farming patch right now-

The known species are

* Chaetomorpha spp.
* Caulerpa spp.
* Halymenea spp.
And there are a few unknown/hitchhiker species. In the long term I may incorporate asterina starfish and other pest aquatic species into the mix as well.

For now I only had an overgrowth of the Caulerpa and so I trimmed some, washed it, and have placed it in the sun to dry.

I will then powder it and apply in small quantities to test plants that I have a multitude of the species.

The seasalt minerals in the algae are beneficial. The excess seasalt on the outside of the plant is possibly a problem. I believe it is washed off kelp before it is processed into plant fertiliser.

This was one of my questions-

I thoroughly rinsed the outside to remove those salts, but they themselves have a lot of internal water-

presumably this is maintained at ion concentrations the plant can handle but when you dry them those concentrations will go up-

The Caulerpa is crispy after 1 day in the sun

Here is an interview from a few years ago with Spot Oliver from Exotica Fruit Nursery.  He shares his experience of a seven year project using saltwater aquarium waste from propagating coral reefs to fertilzer tropical fruit trees.  He's had success with it.

Good luck with your project!



Always coming in with the best resources- I am still going through that edible leaves book

This is some great inspiration!

thank you


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