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Mango tree in trouble....please take a look and advise.

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My Mango tree appears to be in distress. I had very few flowers recently, and the new leaf growth looks poor. Either dying or being eaten...I don't know which. Please take a look at these recent pictures and advise if there's something tht can be done. Thank You.

Looks like Sri Lankan Weevils chewing on the leaves
Go out at night and with a flashlight see if you can see the white weevils
on your leaves. You might even see them in the day but they hide

Some ants will do similar damage, look for those in the daytime, too.
Definitely bugs, your tree looks healthy. It's planted too close to your patio, will probably cause some issues years down the road, but that's not an easy fix with how big it already is.

My potted Pickering tree had the same problem, and I found aphids (and ants) on the underside of the young leaves.
I sprayed my tree with (hydrogen peroxide + soap).

I have a young mango tree that's currently showing the same type of damage.  I'm attributing it to the super-dry weather we've been having with insects chewing on anything they can find that's young and tender.  I'm not too worried and expect the situation to improve in a month or two.


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