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What's the most you'd spend per pound on a fruit?

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What's the most you'd spend per pound on a fruit?

Lots of reasons to spend, and to save your $.

I fall into the category of being willing to sacrifice body parts like Lycheeluva (left mammary gland).


Where do you fit in???

I picked the first one.  :) When it comes to mamey sapote, I have to go to the grocery store to buy some. But as soon as my mamey sapote trees give fruit, I won't even need to do that.

3 to 5, but for a ripe durian $10/pound, no problem!

every year between may 20 and jul 10, i spend about about $700mon lychees and about $150 on mangosteen. I pay $2-5 a pound for lychees and $8-10 a pound for mangosteen.

Having 2 fruit orchards i have no shortage of fruits to eat, usually a lot more than i can handle. About the only fruits i will buy for myself if i see really good quality ones are persimmon, cherimoya, cherries, and watermelon. Maybe a mango if it's local and way offseason. Oh yes, durians if i have a durian craving.


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