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Loquat Fruits Taste and Impressions 2024 season

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      I waited as long as I could for the 'school bus orange' color :) but I finally had a chance to taste cv. "Tori" (a selected seedling from My Kids Nursery in Central FL) this morning. Fruits seems to get  big and round (consistent with other fruit on the tree) with white flesh. On first bite, very juicy and sweet with a nice mild hint of citrus. "Refined" is what came to mind. The skin was thin and had 2 seeds in it. I've been using organza bags (4"x4" walmart) to protect the fruits from birds and it working so far. Tree was obtained from GreenDreams nursery. This May would be 2 years in ground and barely 3ft tall. More loquats fruits from this and other cvs to come (Oliver, Yehuda, Zesty, SES#2 etc). Please share your loquat impressions for this season was well.

Take some pictures of fruit for us to see, inside and out.

Lots of varieties ripening up to do a comparison.

Small fruit. Juicy. Not as sweet. Mild citrus notes. Very clean looking fruit.

Small size. Juicy. Clementine flavor.

'Sherry Woods'
White fleshed. Really good. Nice sweet tart component and juicy! Brix was 11.

seedling of 'Turkey'
Long fruit. Sweet. Juicy. Flesh easily separated from the skin while consuming. Clementine flavor. Brix was 11.

'SES #2'
Juicy and sweet. Soft orange flesh. Brix of 12. Reminiscent of eating a mandarin.

White fleshed. Round fruit. Sweet and juicy. Very productive for age and size of tree. Brix 11.

Orange flesh. Juicy. Not very sweet but tart. First time producing for a young tree. Looked for the best to include in this comparison. More to come.

Tart. Tasted like it needed more ripening. Lots of seeds- 5 per fruit. First time producing for a young tree. Looked for the best to include in this comparison. More to come.

Thanks for the details and the brix reading.

Angelino and Italy (seedling)

My cell can't capture the 'orangeness' of the color of these fruit. But it dosen't matter cause the fruit were juicy but sour lol. The tree is just too young.
Out of all my in ground loquat tree varieties, 'Angelino' and 'Pupello' have been prone to fruit splitting.

Orange fresh. Had a nice apricot flavor that was quite enjoyable. It did not taste as sweet as it's brix reading...18 :O. 2 yrs in ground.


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