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Hi everybody,

im going to Valencia / Spain next week to search for interesting fruit collections, rare fruits, ancient fruit trees, unique farms and suchlike. I know April is not the best time but do you have any suggestions what to visit? Any advice is appreciated
Thank you

30 years ago i spent 1 year in valencia.  wish i could say that i guerrilla gardened fruit trees at a local park.  sadly, at the time, partying was a higher priority.  but it's not like i had ever seen any fruit trees in parks before. 

2 years ago i watched your video of rare fruits at a public park in southern spain.  it blew my mind and inspired me to share the idea with the los angeles parks department.  in that thread you can see the reply i received.  not sure who sent it but it definitely wasn't leslie knope. 

1 year ago i learned that some local parks do have some fruit trees.  none of the parks though come even close to the park in southern spain. 

this year i started guerrilla gardening an overgrown drainage ditch.  so far i've planted more than 20 small jackfruit seedlings that have all survived at least one winter outside here. 

yesterday i watched a video of apple trees, a pear tree, and a kiwi vine at a park in england.  the fruit trees themselves aren't exciting, but it's exciting that they are in a public park.  the kiwi vine is kinda exciting but evidently it's only one vine so someone would have to graft a male or female onto it. 

in hindsight, fruit trees in public parks is a no-brainer.  but we happen to live in an age where fruit trees in parks are the exception rather than the rule.  obviously we can help change this using official channels (ie writing your city council) and/or unofficial channels (ie guerrilla gardening). 

6 years ago i took this pic at the south coast botanic garden...

imagine if there was a 2nd donation box... "help our garden grow... fruit trees!"  why would anyone oppose having this option? 

if you go to the website for a random local park, for example the ernest e. debs regional park, do you see a donate button anywhere? i'm sure it's possible to donate to this park.  but it drives me nuts that there isn't a prominent link or button to do so. 

in comparison, here's the website for the south coast botanic garden.  at the top of the page "donate" and just below it "support". 

what's the difference?  the park is primarily funded by taxes.  therefore, there's no need to make it as easy as possible for people to voluntarily contribute to the park.  wtf?!?!  this is why i hate the government?  that would be like hating my younger self for not knowing the obvious benefit of planting fruit trees at a park in valencia.  the government is merely a reflection of public ignorance.  right now the public is so ignorant that it doesn't see the obvious benefit of making it ridiculously easy to help grow what it loves. 

there are plenty of people on this forum who love citrus.  but do they see the obvious benefit of making it ridiculously easy to help grow the citrus category?  nope.  same goes for the members who love eugenias, and the members who love mangoes, and the members who love garcinias.  we can and should start here. 

today we donate for the fruit categories we love.  tomorrow we donate for the fruit trees we'd love to see in parks, botanical gardens and schools. 


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