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MangoFang's Yard Update March 2012

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So's my Palm Springs update.  Funny - even with our very warm January and pretty mild February, things are flowering
at about, or even perhaps a bit later, than they did compared to last year's "normal" winter.  Looks like that extra cold mike actually force blooming a little earlier. (just as the experts say!)

First up - My one year old Keitt plant - so far the most amazingly complex flavored mango:

Edward - in full flower - hope to get something from this shy bearer this year

And my new Kent, really sending out the blossoms:

This is Glenn - I discoverd the watering line had shifted to a dribble, so that's why it looks a bit dry.  Anyone with artificial
watering systems - don't ever assume they are operating normally - got to check on them every so often...

Mahachanok - looking good and stiff!

This is what I know call "Backyard Manny" - my manila, the second one I got, that's been moved around a bit and finally settled in to this spot, now awaiting grafts to really spice her up!  She's tall and lean, but with some sprouts near the ground - all great grafting points for the future

Rosigold - into her 4th year, with only one delightful fruit to show for it - every tree has a personality to go along with it's reputation doesn't it?

..and my little Pickering - so cute!

I'll post a couple more, later, as I ran out of time tonight....thanks, gang.......GaryFang

oh man, congrats on the Maha Chanok inflos, hope it holds for ya!!!  Super jealous  :blank:

Nice! Congrats!  :)

Well, Gary, you have pretty much the garden of my dreams... I think you only need a "coconut cream" and a a ndm #4 to make it perfect to me! 

VERY nice Mangofang...Congrats! Please keep us updated on the upcoming fruits. Where did you buy your Pickering again? Cali or FL? Thanks for the update... Great selection.


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